'In Service To The Party': Biden Accuser Flores Says Dem Ladies Are Expected To Keep Their Mouths Shut

Democrat Lucy Flores
Former Nevada Assemblywoman and 2014 Lt. Gov nominee Lucy Flores (D). Image via Fox News’s Twitter feed.

Former Nevada state Assemblywoman Lucy Flores not only stirred up a #MeToo problem for Democrats with her recent comments about Joe Biden’s handsy-ness, but also alluded to something arguably much darker that goes along with their increasing embrace of socialism: Democrat women with a #MeToo moment are encouraged to keep their mouths shut for the good of “the party.”


To recap: Flores wrote an article over the weekend about Biden smelling her hair, putting his hands on her shoulders, planting a kiss on her head, and just generally being incredibly disrespectful of her personal space. That article set the internet aflame, primarily because someone finally said what people have been alluding to about old Uncle Joe for years (there have been images of these exact Biden moves on women (and *shudder* girls) floating around for some time).

But Flores’ comments on Sunday following Biden’s initial reaction to her accusation were even more extraordinary.

On Sunday, Ms. Flores described the incident, which Mr. Biden had said he did not recall, as “disqualifying,” given what she called his history of “acting inappropriately with women” and a political climate in which young Democratic “foot soldiers” like herself are no longer willing to “keep our mouths shut.”

“We’re often pressured to keep our mouths shut about anything,” Ms. Flores told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “We, as party loyalists, as party stalwarts, are foot soldiers for the party. We’re expected to, quote-unquote, keep our dirty laundry to ourselves. And it’s always in service to the party.”

Essentially, what Flores seems to be saying here is that the party of social justice shaming and gender equality is telling their own female party members to just be quiet, hold still, and let it happen.

And, perhaps most disturbing of all, the implication is that Democrat ladies suffering from possible sexual assault should keep their righteous indignation or shame or confusion about being manhandled to themselves, because that’s what good party loyalists do. The image of the party, Flores seems to imply, is more important than an individual’s horror at having a man grope her inappropriately and make her feel like he’s simply allowed because hey, he’s Biden. King of The Party.


This may be one of the starkest examples of the ideological difference between people that embrace a “protect the party at all costs” — i.e. socialist — political preference and people that embrace an ideology that defers to individual rights as paramount, even at the expense of the party.

Interesting and unexpected that it took the #MeToo movement (and the Democrats violation of their own pet cause) to illustrate it so effectively.


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