In A Brutal Business, George H.W. Bush Remarkably Knew How To Make And Keep Friends

Earlier today, RedState’s Brandon Morse posted George W. Bush’s eulogy to his father from today’s service for the incomparable man George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the United States, from the incomparably beautiful National Cathedral. Everyone should watch it, if for no other reason to see what true love looks like as it mourns its loss and simultaneously thanks God it was privileged enough to have it in the first place.


But among the many lovely testimonies given today, one took a firm second place behind the younger Bush’s, that of former Republican Senator from Wyoming Alan Simpson, a lifelong friend of the elder Bush.

It’s just over 10 minutes long and is alternately hilarious and heartwarming, bittersweet and beautiful. It’s a testament to why medieval thinking tended toward believing the purest form of love was between two men on a battlefield. In this case, that battlefield was politics.

It will be of particular interest to those who live and work in DC politics because Simpson talks about the vagaries of the job, from negotiating an unfriendly media to the work it takes to maintain friendships in what can be a brutal and unforgiving industry and place. But it’s also a universal testament to how acts of kindness between people, and a willingness to laugh at the absurdity of life, even (and maybe especially) if you’re the president, makes all the difference when it comes time to go home.


And that’s enough of a primer. Just watch it. And take joy you live in a place where men like these are grown.


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