Who's Ready for Handmaid's Tale 2?

If you’ve not yet tired of young women dressed in red handmaid robes, effectively attempting to serve as visual reminders that women — no matter how much they might think of themselves and their individual accomplishments — are nothing more than a collective of victims, you’re in for a holiday surprise!


Handmaid’s Tale 2 (The Screeching?) is on the way in 2019.

Margaret Atwood, who penned the original dystopian fantasy in the 80s, has decided that the “world we’ve been living in” is inspiration enough to reexamine a world where most women are forced into a life of baby-making with men they don’t love for the good of their awful society.

Rolling Stone, as they do, sees parallels to the current state of this amazing country and the Gilead of the original book (this country but not, say, countries where women are actually sold into sex slavery).

The book has drawn renewed interest thanks to Hulu’s critically acclaimed serialized adaptation, which debuted in 2017 and is slated to release a third season sometime next year. Atwood served as a consulting producer, helping to modernize the book’s plot for the first season. In season two, the show went in its own direction, finding discomforting relevance amidst Donald Trump’s presidency, the rise of the #MeToo movement, increasing infringements on reproductive rights, and other prominent, persisting issues threatening the lives of women.


The book takes place 15 years after the fictional resistance of the first book successfully freed the handmaids from their bondage and, so far, there’s no word on what the new book, titled “The Testaments,” will be about.

But the title sounds litigious and it’s easy to imagine it will be a litany of women offering their stories of what it was like living under the repressive system detailed in the first book.

And in that way, perhaps it will mirror what life is like in modern America. Odd that in real-life it’s the repression that’s fictional. If Atwood tackles that truth, she’ll find a reader in this woman.



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