NEW PODCAST: Marble Halls & Silver Screens

RedState front page writers Sarah Lee and Brad Slager have developed a new podcast exploring the nexus between Washington DC (Marble Halls) and Hollywood (Silver Screens).


With the almost constant scandals coming out of La La Land, and the political posturing from some of its stars — and of course the possibility that Oprah may one day run for president! — it seemed like a good time to analyze and deconstruct the relationship between the two cities and their respective cultures.

This is episode #2, where the future of Harvey Weinstein is discussed alongside a review of “The Post,” and a new take on the #MeToo movement as it relates to the recent unpleasantness surrounding Aziz Ansari. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Listen to “Marble Halls and Silver Screens Ep. 2” on Spreaker.


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