Dana Loesch on Steve Bannon: 'This is an Individual Who Likes to Take Credit for Other People's Success'

As President Donald Trump and his onetime adviser Steve Bannon trade public blows, former Breitbart.com employee, radio host and Fox News contributor Dana Loesch, weighed in on the Bannon she remembers working with, indicating his recent behavior falls right in line with his character.


Loesch had a contentious falling out with Breitbart.com while Bannon was near the top of the newsite’s leadership, suing to be released from her contract and alleging the brass there was attempting to blacklist her.

She essentially indicated that the Bannon who is now using progressive media outlets to leak information deleterious to the Trump White House is the same behavior she witnessed as she attempted to disentangle herself from the once-venerated Breitbart.com. She did not mince words, calling Bannon — now slapped with a cease and desist order from the White House — an “opportunist.”

“He is an opportunist,” said Loesch. “This is an individual who likes to take credit for other people’s success. He glommed on to Sarah Palin in the early days of her campaign. He glommed onto Andrew Breitbart. He glommed onto Ted Cruz and did the same thing with President Trump. He catches people as they are ascending, or after they have already ascended, and then tries to claim credit for all of their accomplishments.”

Despite some questioning the credibility of Wolff’s reporting, Loesch noted that Bannon at least trusted the writer enough to grant him White House accessibility and then went blabbing after taking issue with the president’s team. Loesch also said that by making it all about himself, Bannon just “robbed” Trump of the chance to talk about how great the GOP’s tax reforms will be for the country as Republicans head towards the 2018 midterms.


Loesch also indicated she didn’t think the spat between the men would affect whether Trump would have to contend with a potential loss of voters. She said Trump didn’t need Steve Bannon to win.


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