NO WAY! New Poll Says Democrats More Worried About 2018 than Republicans

A new poll from Axios may have already won the Captain Obvious Award for 2018 (if such a thing existed) with its not-all-shocking discovery that Democrats are “more fearful about what 2018 holds” than their Republican counterparts.

No really, you could knock me over with a feather.

According to the informal survey, conducted via SurveyMonkey and lacking the publication of, according to The Hill, a sample size and a margin of error, Democrats are pretty nervous about the year ahead.

A big majority of Americans are hopeful about how 2018 will go for them personally, but are split when asked about how they view the world next year — Republicans are more hopeful while Democrats are more fearful.

Democrats clocked in at 55 percent “more hopeful personally” about 2018. Republicans beat the pants off them in the hope department with 90 percent expressing more hope over fear.

The Hill also notes that Republicans are also more hopeful generally about the state of the world.

When asked about the world in general, 29 percent of Democrats said they are more hopeful, compared to 70 percent who said they are more fearful.

Pollsters found 67 percent of Republicans are more hopeful about the world in general in the new year, and 32 percent are more fearful.

It would be very easy to chalk this up to the dominance of the GOP on Capitol Hill and the relative success of their movements so far, from tax reform to the judiciary branch.

But, and I’m just spitballing here, it would be interesting to look back at similar polls conducted at the turn of each new year to see if there’s a trend of pessimism in the Democrat ranks, even when they’re in charge. Because I bet there is. A policy of victimhood pretty much demands it.

Ah well, the world is changing for the better, Dems. Things are looking up. Here’s hoping you can enjoy it.

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