Gal Gadot: A Much-Needed Wonder Woman

The hashtag #BadforWomen started trending this morning on Twitter (I’d link to it, but it’s mostly just Sen. Feinstein complaining about Trump and it’s not very affirming or empowering). So, instead, let’s talk about something that is: Wonder Woman.


Specifically the woman who plays her, Israeli-born actress Gal Gadot, who is apparently not only a serious touch chick in real life (given her two-year stint in the Israeli army), but also has what looks more and more like a genuine heart of gold.

At the 2017 ACE Comic Con at Nassau Coliseum on Sunday in New York, Gadot told attendees that she wanted to thank them for giving her an opportunity to interact with them. Not a surprising thing for a celebrity plugging a film to say. But something about Gadot’s words ring less cynical than your average “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” proclamation from most stars on press junkets.

“This is so amazing. You keep thanking us for being here but you are the reason we are making these films. I want to thank all of you back!,” Gal told the crowd at the event. “Diana [Prince/Wonder Woman] has superpowers, but she also has the heart of a human. That’s what makes her special. She really cares about people. I love that about her.”

She also released a video on Twitter of some of the photo-op portion of the event. This is a lady that looks generally pleased to meet her fans.

What a lovely soul. It just shines through, doesn’t it? And check out some of the responses:


And there are so many more.

There’s a great deal going on right now that seeks to reinforce that women are victims, that things can be dark for them, and that there are many things out in the world that are bad for them. Bless Ms. Gadot for reminding girls and young women (and maybe some not so young) — through an obvious grace and joy — what empowers them, that there is light, and that there’s a great deal of good in the world available to them. In short, for giving them a Wonder Woman to look up to.


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