Donna Brazile Dedicates Book to Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich

Calling him a “patriot,” Donna Brazile dedicated her recent, highly cited and controversial book outing the corruption in the DNC to Seth Rich, the DNC staffer murdered in DC two weeks before Wikileaks’ release of that organization’s hacked emails.


It’s the latest in the evolving narrative of the former interim chairwoman of the DNC, one that has alternately had her blaming Hillary Clinton for improperly using the DNC as her own fundraising and campaign apparatus and then retracting those allegations claiming she never called the system “rigged.” (Although, she most certainly does use that exact word in her book.)

Following her initial accusations against Clinton — which ultimately alleged that the eventual candidate jumped the gun in controlling the party apparatus before she was the candidate, thereby rigging the system to favor her over primary opponent Bernie Sanders — Brazile was called a traitor and was flayed in the mainstream press.

This reporting by Newsweek (which has lately looked like a mouthpiece for Hillary and her supporters) appears to be another salvo in the attempt to discredit Brazile. The murder of Rich led to unproven conspiracy theories that the young man had turned over documents to Wikileaks before the release of hacked emails and was punished with his life. Pointing out Brazile’s fondness for Rich, and the fact that “that Rich’s murder haunted her and that she’d installed surveillance cameras at her home and would keep the blinds in her office window closed so she could not be seen by snipers” appears to be an attempt to paint Brazile with the conspiracy-nut brush.

It is worthwhile to remember that Brazile’s tell-all came conveniently after Hillary lost, and that the former chairwoman had her own problems with corruption.


As the Washington Examiner columnist Becket Adams wrote on the release of her book:

Don’t be fooled.

This is a patently obvious attempt by a long-time political operative to ensure she ends up on the winning side of the Democratic Party’s civil war. Now that the Clinton wing is on the wane, and party bosses seem eager to rid themselves finally of the deeply unpopular former secretary of state, Brazile is trying to make sure she doesn’t also disappear. She is trying to protect her future with the party by currying favor with emerging factions, including the one championed last year by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Throwing the Clintons and former DNC heads under the bus is one way to do it.

It’s starting to be a game of thrones whereby the winner is the one crowned “most convincing liar.” And despite how close this den of thieves got to the Oval Office, the dagger throwing, guerilla warfare of their cat fight as Democrats fight the coming implosion of their party has been fun to watch.


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