Lessons From The Left: Ga. GOP Leader Says Scalise Shooting May Win Handel the Election

I’m not sure why so many conservatives missed that lesson from their moms about little Billy jumping off a bridge. “Just because little Billy jumped off a bridge into the icy depths below doesn’t mean you have to, too.”


And so it is we find ourselves as conservatives being told that disrupting a stupid Trump-themed Shakespeare in the Park play is “war” and must be waged to beat the Left at their own game.

Or something.

Now comes a statement from a Brad Carver, GOP chairman in Georgia’s 11th congressional district, as quoted by the Washington Post regarding tomorrow’s hotly contested runoff between fake everyman Democrat Jon Ossoff (seriously, no one knew who this guy was 6 months ago) and solid conservative (yet weak candidate) Karen Handel in the 6th District.

Oof and yikes and facepalm and all that.

Despite the longer quote in context being better — “I’ll tell you what: I think the shooting is going to win this election for us. Because moderates and independents in this district are tired of left-wing extremism.” — conservatives have got to start figuring out that a) losing their souls and adopting the liberal tactics in politics is just a race to the bottom and b) they WILL quote you out of context.


There’s also an ad running in Georgia that has liberals foaming at the mouth because — while Ossoff is certainly one of them — connecting an innocent man to a shooting is a blow below the belt.

I get it. Ossoff is a planted candidate and it’s an important race. But don’t let Billy convince you the water’s just fine, conservatives. Because then whoever wins, we’ll all be trying to live with policies written by drowning men.


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