The Terrorists Haven't Won: Manchester Edition

Not as long as stuff like this is happening:


As British tabloid The Sun tells it, Twitter users were touched by this image of a police officer dancing outside the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. This was the rescheduled concert, itself a defiance of the violence that occurred with the terror attack that killed 22 the week prior. As Justin Beiber sang to the mostly young people inside, this bobby danced a very European Maypole jig with a group of children outside. From The Sun:

[One] user called for the footage to be shared globally, to show those who try to attack Britain that “we won’t be bullied into submission.”

Other Twitter users praised the unnamed officer, with one saying he “sums up what’s good about Britain.

The English suffered a second attack in London a mere week plus a few days after the Manchester attack. It’s easy enough to see them as little more than helpless victims of terror at the moment. And they have, with their open door immigration policies, let the wolves in themselves. But for all the stereotypes of being too polite to those who would harm them (watch A Fish Called Wanda for a take down of how Americans see the proper British), they are in fact quite good at war. They gave the world the great Winston Churchill after all. And a read of anything by C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien proves that the English understand war strategy and the morality of the fight very well, indeed.


They also understand, as this officer proves, that part of winning is surviving to dance again. And dancing.


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