John Fetterman Raises Eyebrows, Sparks Renewed Debate After Debuting Latest Capitol Hill Look

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It seems like forever ago when Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) was taking grief from Democrats and Republicans alike over his Senate fashion choices, choices that were effectively endorsed by Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) when he changed the dress code back in September to accommodate Fetterman's penchant for what some have called "sloppy casual" attire.


For instance, as RedState readers will recall, Fetterman was the first Senator in history to preside over the Senate wearing gym shorts and a rumpled, short-sleeved button-down shirt.

Things didn't get any better when he donned similar attire for a closed-door Senate meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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That was last fall and here we are, nine months later. And though Fetterman alternates between the classic suit and tie ensemble and "sloppy casual" during his work days on Capitol Hill, his latest look seems to combine both:

I must say, the tie tied directly around the neck is a nice touch.


Needless to say, the combination sparked quite the conversation among Twitter/X machine users, where some didn't like the look, saying in so many words that it would have taken him less time to just put on a regular suit.  

Hilarious reactions followed from others, though, including Bobic, who opined that "Not even Usher can pull this off."

Another quipped, "Outfit inspo for the law school alumni dinner tomorrow."

"This is how every hitchhiker in Pennsylvania dresses," joked another.

Since the Oct. 7th Hamas terrorist attacks, Fetterman has been a different person, a better person in my opinion, though I certainly don't agree with him on everything. He even officially dropped the "progressive" label and proclaimed recently a la Ronald Reagan that he didn't leave progressives but progressives left him:

"I'm not a progressive, I just identified myself as a regular Democrat," Fetterman said, talking to CNN's Dana Bash. "Now, eight years ago, I was a progressive, but the situation's changed and I‘ve been very clear that I didn‘t leave that label. That label [left] me..."


That being said, the whole hoodie/sweatshirt/tie combo is just not a good look. Not to mention the fact that it's too steamy to be wearing that sort of outfit right now, with temperatures as hot as they are.  

Will I lose sleep over it? Nah. I just think that though Fetterman's heart seems to be in the right place these days on issues like Israel and illegal immigration, when it comes to how he dresses, he should do better.

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