WATCH: Chicago Sky WNBA Team's 'Harassment' Story Called Into Question After Video Surfaces of Incident

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As we've previously reported, woke media figures and a number of WNBA players are pushing back against the media frenzy surrounding Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark - with some of them using abusive means in order to try and get their supposed "points" across.


Among them are Chicago Sky players Chennedy Carter (seen above) and Angel Reese. While the latter set herself up as the anti-Caitlin Clark during their college basketball days, Carter found herself in the hot seat after a foul she committed against Clark during their game Saturday where she roughly shoulder-checked Clark in a non-ball action, which caused Clark to fall to the floor. It was a cheap shot Reese cheered and hugged Carter over at the end of the quarter.

Strangely, only an "away from the ball" foul was called against Carter during the game. Even more strangely, she refused to take questions about it during a post-game presser. But two days later, the WNBA decided to call it a Flagrant-1 foul, with the Sky's coach issuing a non-apology apology for her behavior and Carter continuing to insist she's just a passionately emotional player who shouldn't be judged and defined by that one moment.

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In a new development involving Sky players, several of them took to the Twitter machine Wednesday to complain about the alleged "harassment" they said Kennedy took from a man who showed up with a camera and asked questions about Caitlin Clark, engaging in media-like behavior, as Kennedy got off the bus for their game in Washington, DC:


Chicago Sky players were confronted by a man outside of their hotel in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, the day before their game against the Mystics. The incident happened just four days after Chennedy Carter committed a hard foul on Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark. 

Sky general manager Jeff Pagliocca told the Chicago Sun-Times that the man approached the team with a camera and was looking for Carter specifically. The Sky's security was able to de-escalate the situation immediately and escorted him away. The team chose to not get the police involved.

Reese was among several players who called what the man allegedly said and did "NASTY WORK," saying it "needs to STOP":

Video, however, has been released of the incident, and while it's only a partial video, it gives us a glimpse as to what happened:

The video seems to contradict the story told by Sky player Isabelle Harrison, who claimed they "Couldn’t even step off the bus!!!" until security intervened.


Another player, Michaela Onyenwere, claimed without evidence that the video was edited to exclude the worst parts of the man's behavior:

Needless to say, the video has called into question the official story from the team on what allegedly happened, and has caused some on social media to push back against the "harassment" narrative:

Was this guy's behavior over the line? I report, you decide.

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