#Journalism: DeSantis Spox Shreds Politico for Consulting ‘Expert Shoemakers’ on Ron DeSantis’... Boots

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Back in February, we brought you the story of how Democrats who were absolutely terrified about a potential Ron DeSantis presidential campaign were reducing themselves to criticism of DeSantis' cowboy boots and how he frequently wears them to allegedly "appear taller." 


"Rubio also did this, famously, and it became a major line of attack against him in the 2016 primary," wrote American Bridge president Pat Dennis at the time in a follow-up tweet explaining his endorsement of the tactic. "Silly? Sorry buddy, this is the game as it is played."

The following month, NeverTrump sellouts also chimed in, with Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin tweeting "his heels look rather high. is he embarassed [sic] about his height?" and infamous Lincoln Project grifter Rick Wilson writing about how "the reaction to any comment on Tiny D Desantis and his kicky drag boots certainly triggers the Ronhadis." Wilson had no comment when it was pointed out that he, too, was a "kicky drag boot" wearer.

I'm not sure of the origins of the boot truther campaign, but I do know that in addition to Democrats and NeverTrump types raising the alleged issue, Donald Trump has as well, along with his online influencers, so much so that DeSantis was actually asked about it in a recent interview, specifically on whether he wears "lifts" in his boots.

"No, no. Those are just standard, off-the-rack Lucchese boots," he noted in response.


Because silly season is definitely upon us, now supposedly respectable media outlets are doing some hard-hitting journalism by way of investigating the matter, with Politico Magazine actually boasting in a detailed, several-paragraphs-long article about consulting "three expert shoemakers" to determine whether or not the "lifts" rumor has credence. Naturally, all three claim he likely is:

The best part of the story, though, was the mic drop quote they shared from DeSantis spokesman Bryan Griffin:

“Considering the fact that Politico Magazine admittedly spent money to consult ‘boot experts’ to run this hit piece on DeSantis tells you all you need to know about their ‘journalism.’ The governor doesn’t pad his boots, but if he ever needed anything to line a pet cage or fold up and wedge under a table leg, that would be the highest and best use for Politico Magazine.”


In my opinion, the hyper-focusing on DeSantis' footwear speaks for itself and Griffin covered the media criticism base well with his response. 

But on a more personal note, I cannot imagine what it must feel like for Jewish people in America right now who are terrified at what they're seeing take place before them and yet when they log on to social media or news websites they see the political debate in this country about who our next leader should be being reduced to a man's footwear and whether or not he wears lifts.

Just incredible.

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