WATCH: A Key Kamala Harris Weakness Shines Through in ‘Interview’ With Al Sharpton

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As RedState previously noted, the rumors began swirling at the start of 2023 about how Democrat movers and shakers in pivotal battleground states were beginning the uncomfortable second-guessing over Kamala Harris‘ time as Joe Biden’s VP.


The Washington Post, for example, ran a story on how the number of Harris’ critics was growing among Democrat activists, with some pointing out that it was obvious Harris didn’t “know enough about what she’s doing.” Others talked about the unbelievable luck Harris had in getting to the point she is now.

Though they left out the part about how early on in her political career Harris had an affair with a powerful married man who admittedly appointed her to “two state commissions when I was Assembly speaker,” the Washington Post reported that “in 2016, she won her Senate seat against weak opposition, [Harris’ critics on the left] say.”

“In 2019, her presidential run ended before a single ballot was cast, doomed by an uneven performance on the campaign trail, weak support, faltering resources and turmoil among her advisers,” they also pointed out.

And yet eight months after she ended her presidential campaign, Harris was picked as Joe Biden’s running mate, not because of any particular talent but because powerful woke Democrats demanded Biden pick a woman of color as a condition of their support for his campaign.


Unfortunately for Harris, not much has changed regarding public perception of her since her failed run, with polls consistently confirming she’ll be a liability for Biden headed into 2024.

Though her defenders are quick to trot out the race and sexism cards in response to questions about her low approval ratings, one of the big issues with Kamala Harris if not the biggest issue (outside of her penchant for word salads) is how her air of superiority and lack of authenticity shines through in per public appearances.

There is the barely restrained condescension, which we’ve seen when she insultingly addresses certain audiences as though they were children. But perhaps more illuminating are the obvious acting performances she puts on during interviews, as seen below in a clip from a recent one she did with race hustler/MSNBC host Al Sharpton.

Sharpton asked Harris what was the first thing she thought about when she woke up in the morning. Incredibly, she looked him straight in the eye with a serious look on her face and said “Our democracy.” I mean, does anyone really believe that? She then paused for a moment apparently expecting Sharpton to react approvingly. When he didn’t, she went on to shake her head and say exasperatingly that “Rev, I think everything’s at stake right now.”



Though she wouldn’t win it, she still could be a contender for an Academy Award for best acting performance with that one. I mean it’s like she has theater coaches on standby who are telling her to emphasize certain buzzwords and to gesture and react in certain ways for maximum effect. I can’t be the only one who notices how traces of realness are almost always noticeably absent when she sits down for these things, something that is replaced by her flair for scripted dramatics.

As I’ve said before, Kamala Harris has and always will be her own worst enemy. It’s what happens when one’s career starts off the way Harris’ did. You begin to expect to be given preferential treatment as you climb the ladder and treated to fawning interviews in the press because of “who you are” and what you supposedly represent from a “historical” perspective.

As it turns out, though, it doesn’t matter how easy the interviews get for Kamala Harris. She has a big authenticity problem, and it’s something Democratic voters including black and female voters noticed about her in 2019 and it’s something that voters of all stripes have gotten to see on a national level over the last two and a half years.


Will this issue have any impact on the Biden-Harris campaign in 2024? I think so, especially considering Harris is under the microscope because she could be 80-year-old Biden’s successor should he bow out.

In my opinion, the only question is to what degree she’ll hurt their chances at reelection. Because not only is she about as genuine as a $3 bill, but she’s just not very good at what she does. Like at all.

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