Marco Rubio Gets Straight to the Point About ‘Nutty’ Far-Leftists and Independence Day

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It’s Independence Day, one of the most celebrated days of the year for freedom-loving Americans across the country.

As I write this, the Weber grills are being lit, pontoon boats are being launched onto the water, American flags are flying high, Democratic politicians are utterly embarrassing themselves in displaying how little they know about grilling, and another round of fireworks are being prepared for lift-off by your three-sheets-to-the-wind neighbors once the sun goes down.


At the same time, the perpetually outraged contingent of people we have in this country who view our great nation as an evil “oppressor,” especially in the aftermath of last week’s Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action and religious freedom, are busy doing their thing, trashing America, our Founding Fathers and documents, and the patriotic traditions we hold dear on July 4th.

Case in point:

It is with all that in mind that we turn to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who got straight to the point in a tweet he posted on Independence Day, reminding people that there are some very “influential people” out there bashing America and spreading falsehoods, and that parents need to educate their kids on how such folks “also happen to be nuts”:

Today we have many influential people who see America as an evil nation built on stolen land & who are offended by our 🇺🇸, patriotic songs & chants of USA

Please make sure your kids understand that those people may be rich,famous or have fancy degrees but they also happen to be nuts



Predictably, Rubio’s point was proven in the replies and comments to his message. Hilariously, he was accused of being “divisive” by some of those same folks, people who wouldn’t dare to post the same thing to the Cori Bushes and AOCs of this country, you know, the kind of people who actually do seem hellbent on turning America into something she should never be.

In any event, here’s to hoping the weather’s good wherever you are, that the food and company is even better, and that you and your family and friends get to safely partake in some of the colorful, lively festivities that are part of what makes most people in this country incredibly proud to live in it.


God bless the USA!

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