Donald Trump Gives Inexplicable Answer When Asked About a Possible Garland Impeachment

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As House Republican leaders have made clear, an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland could begin as early as July in the event that IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley’s allegations against the Department of Justice – that they twice prevented US Attorney David Weiss from bringing charges against Biden’s son Hunter – are shown to have merit.


Naturally, the question about whether or not they support the impeachment of Garland over his alleged actions related to the Hunter Biden investigation is being brought to some of the 2024 GOP presidential candidates, including former President Donald Trump, who was interviewed Monday by talk show host Howie Carr.

Carr twice asked Trump if he supported impeachment against Garland. The first time around, Trump didn’t directly answer the question. The second time Carr asked it, Trump had the following response:

Well, I’m gonna leave that up to them. I’m surprised at Merrick Garland because, I know he’s a liberal guy, but I thought that– I am so surprised that he’s doing what he’s doing. I’m shocked, actually, that he’s not saying, “Look, I have an obligation to my country.” And even if he did 10 percent, it’s earth-shattering. But he’s really protecting Biden, and you can’t really protect them at this point.

Trump’s comments can be heard here (podcast was not embeddable); the segment starts at around the 11:45 mark.

Knowing everything we know now about Garland’s behind the scenes machinations, including his targeting of concerned parents who were treated like “domestic terrorists,” him looking the other way on attacks on pro-life facilities while prioritizing prosecuting pro-life activists, how Garland’s DOJ pressured U.S. Marshals to stand down against taking any aggressive actions towards the radical “protesters” who had invaded the neighborhoods of the conservative Supreme Court Justices ahead of their ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, not to mention the two-tiered system of justice stuff involving the Biden family, Trump’s answer was inexplicable to me.


I mean on the one hand, I can get why Trump would want to say in so many words that he didn’t want to make a premature judgment until all the facts were laid out in the (possible) inquiry. Seeing as though he was subjected to one politically-motivated impeachment attempt after another, where pre-judgments were made before even the first hearing was held, I get that he might be trying to set a standard here by saying: let’s reserve judgment.

But what I don’t get is Trump saying he was “surprised” and “shocked” by Garland’s actions. After all that has come to light about the Attorney General of the United States over the last two years, including the weaponization of a department that appears to be being used to handicap Trump himself – a potential 2024 opponent of Joe Biden’s, he is “surprised” and “shocked” in this particular instance?

It just makes no sense, in my view.

Contrast what Trump said to what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said when he was asked a similar question:

Well, look, if a cabinet member’s behaving like Garland, then they’re opening themselves up to it. So, I think that they should pursue this. I think some of the decisions that have been made or action, or lack of action, you know, are just unbelievable that that could be the case.



Who had the better answer here? I report, you decide.

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