Watch: ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton Outdoes Himself in Disgraceful Display During Jordan Neely Funeral

Rev. Al Sharpton poses in front of Jordan Neely's casket and hearse in New York City. May 19, 2023. (Credit: Timcast News)

They say a leopard never changes its spots, and that was absolutely the case Thursday when race-hustling MSNBC host and “Reverend” Al Sharpton brought his clown-show circus to town to preside over the funeral of Jordan Neely.


Neely, a 30-year-old homeless man with an extensive arrest record, died on May 1st after being subdued by multiple passengers on a New York City subway for allegedly behaving in an aggressive and threatening manner, saying he was hungry and didn’t care if he got arrested.

24-year-old Marine Daniel Penny, seen in the video clip putting Neely in what some have called a “submission hold” or “headlock,” has been charged by woke Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg with second-degree manslaughter over Neely’s death, though some witnesses have described Penny as a “hero.”

As per the norm, Sharpton, who is a failed Democratic presidential candidate, made himself the center of the spotlight rather than Neely, lapping up the attention he got from the press and onlookers shortly before the Harlem service started:

In true Sharpton fashion, he grotesequely politicized Neely’s death, criticizing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for referring to Penny as a “Good Samaritan” during a service that looked like it had more reporters in attendance than members of the community:

Sharpton, infamous in NYC circles for inciting deadly race riots, engaging in anti-Semitism, and foisting racially-tinged rape hoaxes on the American populace, then declared without evidence that “Jordan was not annoying someone on the train,” even though multiple witnesses have described Neely’s behavior as erratic and threatening.


Sharpton then stated that “They don’t need abuse, they need help,” echoing a disturbing theme we’ve seen in recent weeks where woke Democrats suggested people just sit back and take it when someone who is going through a mental health episode decides to make you a target of their rage:

But perhaps the most despicable moment of Sharpton’s presence at the event was when he actually posed for pictures while standing beside the hearse that had been opened to display Neely’s shiny ivory and gold casket.

Watch below as Sharpton stands surrounded by well-dressed gawkers who take out their cell phone cameras to snap photos and video of the coffin as Sharpton looks on, and as a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” plays in the background to remind people that Neely was once a Michael Jackson impersonator on city streets and subways:

Other New York Democratic politicos were also in attendance, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who undoubtedly made Sharpton proud with the subway chaos she helped incite in the aftermath of Neely’s death:


When you see disgusting displays like this, it’s a reminder all over again that there is no low these grifters won’t stoop to if the fame, attention, and money is right.

I couldnt’ help but look at what transpired Friday and think about how interesting it was that Jordan Neely was surrounded by people who claimed to love and care about him, but only in death. I’m not speaking of his family here, because I don’t know the situation behind that. They may have repeatedly tried to reach out to him after his mother was murdered and he rejected them. I just don’t know.

But what I do know is that the Al Sharptons and AOCs of this country do not care about the Jordan Neelys of the world unless there is a political angle to shamelessly exploit in their deaths. If Jordan Neely had been killed by a black man, we would not have seen either of them at his funeral, much less virtual signaling on social media and “news” programs about how maybe Neely’s death wouldn’t have happened if only the social safety nets put in place in Democrat-run cities had more money thrown at them.

Where were these people when Jordan Neely was alive? Maybe had they paid more attention instead of looking the other way while the systems they championed weren’t doing what they were designed to do, Neely wouldn’t have been homeless much less getting arrested over 40 times including four for alleged assault.


In fact, the money they spent on Neely’s casket alone probably could have paid for some therapy, warm meals, some counseling, and perhaps a shoulder to cry on.

Now he’s dead, and instead of taking their share of the blame, they’re placing it all on Daniel Penny who out of everyone else involved in this sad story sounded like he was just trying to do the right thing before Neely set his sights on someone else.

We’re living in a world gone mad, and I’m really struggling to make sense of it all anymore.

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