Watch: Cringe 'Woke' Miller Lite Beer Ad Resurfaces, Gives Bud Light Some Stiff Competition

Miller Lite ad that ran during Women's History Month in March of 2023. (Credit: Miller Lite)

The “woke beer” competition is getting stupider by the day.

At last check, sales of Bud Light were plummeting in the aftermath of the uproar surrounding their decision to coddle transgender “woman” Dylan Mulvaney, with its other brands also reportedly feeling the pain. HSBC analysts even downgraded Anheuser-Busch InBev’s stock, citing the “crisis” in which Bud Light placed itself.


But as it turns out, Bud Light was not the first beer to go woke in a vain attempt at appealing to and satisfying DEI hall monitors.

Back in early March, Miller Lite tried to “honor” Women’s History Month by releasing an ad featuring woke comedienne Ilana Glazer whining over old beer ads that showed women in bikinis, proclaiming that it was an insult to the “founding mothers of beer.” Here’s what they said in their press release at the time:

There’s no beer without women. In fact, women were among the first beer brewers in history. Yet for the years that followed, many in the beer industry (Miller Lite included) alienated the very people who helped create it. How? By dividing women as consumers, objectifying them in their ads, and frankly, putting a lot of bad $#!T out there.

Today, Miller Lite is announcing Bad $#!T to Good $#!T, an initiative creating fertilizer made from old sexist beer advertising that will be used to grow hops for female brewers. The beer brand is teaming up with producer, comedian, actor, and undeniable arbiter of good $#!T, Ilana Glazer, to help amend the industry’s sexist history of beer marketing and rectify the past. They’re turning the age-old, objectifying beer ads (aka bad $#!T) into good $#!T – literally.


Bad $#!T to Good $#!T continues Miller Lite’s ongoing efforts to make beer more inclusive. This campaign was spearheaded by an all-female leadership team and continues the brand’s work empowering women in beer, as it did with 2022’s Mary Lisle cans, which celebrated the first female brewer in American history.


“This campaign was spearheaded by an all-female leadership team”? Any self-respecting woman who participated in this farcical stunt should hang their head in shame.

You’ll know what I mean when you watch the ad:

The good news, I guess, is that unlike Bud Light, they used actual women in this ad. The bad news is that the ad seriously infantilized women by turning them into helpless little snowflakes who are repelled by the thought of advertisers using the sex appeal of women to sell their products to their target audiences.

The reality of it is that most women don’t care about this sh– fertilizer component in advertising, and I suspect that includes most female brewers, who are bad a**es in their own right and who have better things to do with their time than to clutch pearls over the alleged over-objectification of women in beer advertisements.

In fact, it would appear that Glazer herself does not mind being objectified… as long as the price is right:


The fact of the matter is that most beer makers understand who their primary consumers are – men – and campaigns they run to attract more men to their brand are supposed to reflect that inconvenient reality.

Meanwhile, others in the beer industry have to be absolutely salivating right about now:

LOL. That pretty much says it all.

Don’t go away mad, corporate woketivists. Just go away.

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