'Reporter' Reminds Us Why NPR Needs Defunding in Remarks on WH Correspondents’ Dinner

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National Public Radio, otherwise known as NPR, has faced a lot of challenges over the last several weeks, including the backlash to their false claims about transgender “women” athletes and their strength levels, Twitter CEO Elon Musk correctly labeling their account “state-affiliated media,” and the layoffs of 100 or so staffers, which led to some pretty uncomfortable woke Zoom meetings in the aftermath.


But though the struggle has indeed been real for NPR, one thing that has no doubt given them comfort through all of it is knowing they have the full backing of the Biden White House which, in a textbook example that demonstrated Musk was right, rushed to NPR’s defense after he slapped the “state-affiliated media” label on them in early April.

Further proving the point but in a slightly less obvious way was NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith, who appeared on the low-rated MSNBC “Morning Joe” program Friday to talk to co-host and fellow Democrat apologist Mika Brzezinski about the upcoming White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, which is scheduled to take place Saturday at the swanky Washington Hilton.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will of course be in attendance, with Biden scheduled to speak as he did in 2022.

As Keith sees it, having both Biden and Harris there, the first time a POTUS and their VP have been together on stage at the event since 2009, is very important and in her view is a strong indication of their “endorsement of the important work of the press broadly in American democracy.”


Seriously – she actually said that.


In actuality, what Keith did there was remind NPR’s critics exactly why the network should not be receiving a dime of taxpayer money.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – and other Democrats – won’t be there because they endorse “the important work of the press broadly in American democracy.” They’ll be there because they support “the important work” the press does for Democrats in routinely running interference for them, not just in how they cook up bogus conspiracy theories about Republicans but also in how they cover Democrat priorities and portray Republican opposition to them as racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, cold-hearted, and all the rest.

That ain’t “supporting American democracy,” y’all. That’s thwarting it. Big time, just like Biden does by holding so few press conferences.


My RedState colleague and fellow media critic Brad Slager, host of the “Lie-Able Sources” podcast, perhaps said it best in his response to Keith’s unintentionally revealing remarks:

Yeah, like totally.

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