Woke 'Pastor' Accuses Republican Women of 'Internalized Misogyny' and I Have Thoughts

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Not a day goes by on social media that conservative women don’t get attacked by the “tolerant” left for allegedly being subservient to the patriarchy or whatever simply because they don’t bow at the altar of abortion, don’t look at men as the root of all evil, and don’t view most issues through the lens of perceived/perpetual victimhood.


Sadly, St. Patrick’s Day 2023 was no different, as evidenced by a tweet from “Pastor” John Pavlovitz, a darling of leftist Christians who view him as a hero and icon for standing his ground and getting even more woke after reportedly being fired from North Carolina megachurch in 2013 for being too far left, especially on LGBTQ matters.

“Aside from internalized misogyny, why do any women still vote Republican?” Pavlovitz, who paints himself as a compassionate liberal man of faith whose goal it is to bring people together, asked.

A year ago almost to the day, he tweeted something similar.

“I can’t fathom the mind of a woman who still votes Republican,” he wrote. “I can only feel sorry for whatever story they tell themselves.”

Though it’s not surprising to me, it always amazes me that these people believe that they’re doing conservative women favors by confirming what conservative women have known all along about the condescending, misogynistic tendencies of their so-called intellectual betters in the Democratic party.


And the especially amusing thing about this is that Pavlovitz is like most woke Democrats in his inability/refusal to define what a woman is under the New Rules.

Pavlovitz’s mansplaining and denigration of conservative women is not an unusual position for the far left, who are notorious for merely paying lip service when it comes to appreciating the value of differing opinions among women.

Women who choose to think differently, who don’t toe the left’s line on issues like abortion are treated as inauthentically female, slaves to the demands of the men in their lives, and uneducated and/or unable to think for themselves.

In other words, subscribe to the left’s GroupThink mentality, or you’re a traitor to your gender and your opinions are not worth taking seriously.

One response to Pavlovitz’s comment, from Twitter user H. Boulware, perhaps summed things up best:

“You know why I continue to vote Republican? Because of gross misogynists like you. You treat us like brainless reproductive organs with legs and then when we don’t vote the way you want you spew hateful sexist garbage like this.”


And then there was this even more blunt version:

The side benefit to these pointless debates is exposing the left’s duplicitous nature when it comes to female diversity in thought. For that, we should thank Pavlovitz for once again telling us who they really are.

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