Tale of Two Tapes: Video of Kamala Harris During March Madness Game Has People Talking

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As of Tuesday and Wednesday, March Madness 2023 was officially underway, with Texas A&M – Corpus Christi, Pittsburgh, Fairleigh Dickinson, and Arizona State all advancing beyond the First Four games to the main bracket of the NCAA Men’s Division I basketball tournament.


Highlights from Thursday’s games so far include the 13-seed Furman Paladins upsetting the fourth-seed Virginia Cavaliers, the latter of who are no strangers to big-time first-round tournament disappointment.

Something else from the tournament that got people’s attention Thursday was a video clip posted to Twitter of a man standing behind Vice President Kamala Harris, who was in attendance for the Howard/Kansas game in Des Moines along with her husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff.

Howard University is Harris’ alma mater.

The video, which has since been deleted by the Twitter user who first posted it, made it appear as though the unidentified man was pulling a creepy Joe Biden move by sniffing Harris’ hair and ogling her at one point during the game.

Other Twitter users picked up the clip and posted it as well:

It wasn’t long after that others were comparing the man to Joe Biden and all the instances where he’s gotten uncomfortably and inappropriately close to the women around him who aren’t his wife. Some even half-jokingly suggested that the man was a “long-lost son” of Biden’s.


I have to admit that when I first watched it, while I didn’t think the man was “sniffing,” it did look like he might have been ogling a bit.

But the problem with the “sniffing man” allegation (and the ogling talk) is that the video from a wider angle clearly shows the man was doing nothing of the sort. Apparently, he was tilting his head down to hear what someone shorter (and who was not Kamala Harris) was saying to him during the course of the game.

The person who originally posted the video, conservative commentator Greg Price, did the right thing not long after his mistake was pointed out to him and posted an apology tweet, along with the more complete version for his followers to see.

“Would like to formally apologize to sniff man. We got buzzed from the booth and upon further review, it appears he leaned in to talk to someone. The flag has been picked up,” he wrote:


The lesson to be learned here, of course, is to always wait for the long versions of the “too good to be true” videos, because they are often that. Too good to be true.

As for the Howard/Kansas game, the 16-seeded Howard failed to defy the odds, and lost big to the top-seeded Jayhawks 68-96.

Rather fitting, all things considered.

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