Sen. Rand Paul Delivers More Christmas Coal to DC Swamp as GOP Rep. Lays out Omnibus Pork

It’s that time of year again when the swamp dwellers in D.C. in both the Democrat and Republican parties put their true colors on full display when it comes to their warped spending agendas ahead of expected passages of rushed-through bloated omnibus appropriation bills year after year.


As we previously reported, among the Republican “priorities,” according to Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), was billions more going to Ukraine, to the tune of at least $44 billion (the Biden White House had requested $38 billion) – bringing the total Congress-approved U.S. aid to Ukraine to the $100 billion mark for the year.

While there is debate among the GOP rank and file over the necessity for such aid – and possibly more, as Zelensky will reportedly soon meet Biden and address Congress, there seems to be near-full agreement among them that the inclusion of millions in the bill for things like a “Michelle Obama Trail” in Georgia and even more in funding for LGBTQ “Pride” centers and the like are an absolute insult to the American taxpayer.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) agrees and said as much in a blistering critique of not just the bill but how it got to that point, as RedState reported earlier. In addition to that, however, Paul delivered more coal to the swampsters by way of writing and reading out his own “scary version” of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” which you can watch below:


Here’s another noteworthy example of Paul composing his own version of the Christmas classic, from 2013:

Paul has made it a tradition of sorts every year to lay out his “Festivus of Spending Grievances” and its companion “Waste Report,” which we’ll be on the lookout for this year as well.

Meanwhile, as Sen. Paul stands up for sanity on the Senate side, Republican House member Dan Bishop (N.C.) spent hours, Tuesday night going into Wednesday, tweeting out the massive amounts of wasteful spending included in the bill – things that apparently have McConnell’s seal of approval.

Here are some of the lowlights from his extensive thread, complete with receipts:


“Swamp gonna Swamp.” Sadly, that sounds just about right.

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