Happy Festivus: Rand Paul Drops His Epic Government Waste Report

Happy Festivus!

The made up holiday from Seinfeld is once again serving as the frame for Sen. Rand Paul’s yearly report on government waste. What follows will be enough to make you laugh, cry, or break things, whichever you prefer. Heck, do all three if you’d like.


Anyway, let the airing of grievances begin.

He wasn’t close to done, though. Some of these threads are really long, so I’ll just post a taste.


In total, Paul notes over $54 billion in obvious waste, either via ridiculous appropriations or government incompetence. You can read the full Festivus report by clicking here. It’s very detailed, including citations and explanations of many of the programs you see mentioned above. What he posts on Twitter is just a small taste of how crazy things are.

This is our government. They can shut down your business, bankrupt you, and tell you that you can’t leave your house while handing you $600 and telling you to thank them for it. Meanwhile, we are funding silly research projects and “promoting democracy” in countries that never seem to be very welcoming of said promotion. Sure, in the grand scheme of things it’s not a massive part of the total money spent by the government, but it’s waste nonetheless. There’s so much more that could be done with this money. $54 billion would build a lot of infrastructure here at home.


But look, none of this would be so bad if it weren’t so obviously being wasted. How many more billions do we need to invest in countries that never change? Does the NIH really need millions to study why hair turns gray? I think most Americans know the answers to those questions. Our political class simply doesn’t care.

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