Viral Photo of Justice Clarence Thomas Sparks Outpouring of Support

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Though Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is despised by Democrats and the media going all the way back to when then-Sen. Joe Biden led the way in using vile gutter tactics to try and derail his 1991 nomination, Thomas has endeared himself to conservatives in a whole host of ways over the years – most notably among them by just being himself and refusing to bend the knee.


For instance, during a back-and-forth with former Bush Deputy Assistant AG for the Office of Legal Counsel John Yoo at a judicial conference back in May, Thomas quipped about comments he’d made to the media early on during his time as a Supreme Court Justice when some in the MSM suggested he resign from his position. Thomas’ response?

“I will absolutely leave the Court when I do my job as poorly as you do yours.”

More recently, Thomas was photographed at Arlington National Cemetary, where he along with his wife Ginni helps lay Christmas wreaths every year as a volunteer for the “Wreaths Across America” organization.

Independent journalist Emily Miller shared the photo that was taken of herself and Thomas together:

She also shared a YouTube video she filmed of a portion of the wreath-laying event, not to promote Thomas but to encourage others to also support Wreaths Across America by giving them a preview of all the work volunteers do to honor those in the U.S. military who made the ultimate sacrifice:


Though Miller’s photo and video prompted an outpouring of support for Thomas, with some labeling him the “salt of the earth!” and others calling him a “national treasure,” the Usual Suspects on the left predictably tried to disparage Thomas (and Miller) by suggesting he couldn’t be “quietly” trying to do anything considering he allowed a photo to be taken.

Miller set the record straight in a Substack post she wrote:

Every December since 2014, I have volunteered in this group to place the wreaths in Section 60 of Arlington. Wreaths Across America organizes volunteers and donors in order to put 259,000 wreaths on the graves of veterans and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country.

The only people I’ve seen figure out who Justice Thomas really is during these events are the Gold Star family members he talks to honor and support them privately.


No. He doesn’t know I posted the photo. He doesn’t know that it went viral in news stories.

I have posted other photos of Justice Thomas with our group over the years, but no one recognized him. Here’s one from 2016. He’s fourth from left in the green coat. I’m fourth from the right in the white hat.

Miller also noted that Thomas is absolutely not seeking out media attention during his visits:


I’ve never seen him do a media interview or talk ON THE RECORD to the many reporters who are at Arlington for Wreaths Across America. If he wanted attention, he could go to the national TV outlets that are all over the cemetery. The “camera” is just my iPhone.

Leave it to woke leftists to try and turn something beautifully simplistic and inspiring into something ugly and nefarious because politics and stuff.

In any event, kudos to Miller for sharing the photo, video, and backstory, and to Thomas and all the volunteers who do indeed quietly go about the work of honoring the fallen all year long, but especially during the Christmas holiday season.

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