Elizabeth Warren Gets Brutal Fact-Check When She Spreads Student Loan Forgiveness Lie

Joe Biden never had the constitutional authority to forgive student loan debt. He knew that his decision on the question was going to get challenged and knocked down in the courts as it has been. Right now, Biden has been stayed from proceeding with it by court actions and the case is going to be considered by the Supreme Court. But Biden did it as an effort to buy votes from the liberal base in the midterms. It was a ridiculously cynical move by the Democrats that was destined to fail.


Before he did it, even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had admitted that he didn’t have the power to do it.

If they wanted to do it, they could have tried to push it through while they controlled Congress. But they didn’t. They just wanted to use it to get the votes from their base. In other words, it was a trick and they hoodwinked their base. Their base should be furious at them and some are.

At one point Biden even claimed he had passed a law allowing for this and it passed by a “couple of votes.” This was a pure fantasy that never happened.

But now Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is trying to twist all reality claiming that yes, indeed Biden does have the legal authority. What’s funny and perfect about it, as she tries to spread that lie to cover her compatriots’ tracks, she got fact-checked by Twitter.

“Let’s be clear” almost always translates to “big lie coming” and of course, Warren is known for some whoppers, including about her heritage. But now the Democrats are finding they can’t just lie with impunity on the site, without the lie being called out. So that’s a big improvement on Twitter.


Warren should know better as a law professor. She should know some basic constitutional law and that the power lies with Congress. But it’s a case of the truth not helping her side, so she’s not about to tell it. Because it isn’t about the truth, it’s about holding onto their base and their power. Many challenged her on Twitter to show support for her claim in the Constitution.

If Warren wanted to make it a reality, why didn’t she try to push it through as a bill in Congress? She had the power with her colleagues, not Biden. The bottom line is they couldn’t be bothered to do it, all they wanted was the votes.


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