'Deeply Red': NC Media Deliciously Melts Down as State Red Wave Gives GOP Control of NC Supreme Court

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As we’ve noted before, with rare exceptions the North Carolina establishment political media is perhaps eclipsed only by the likes of CNN in terms of their predictability whenever their preferred politicos are either in trouble, are failing, and/or end up losing their election/reelection bids.


Such was the case for several days post-Election Day, where panic ensued amongst the Usual Suspects in the NC press after it became clear that Republicans were going to retake control (5-2) of the NC Supreme Court after six years of Democrat reign, and won four NC Court of Appeals races as part of an impressive state-level red wave.

Among the hysterical reactions from the local press were the hot takes from the likes of Fox 8 and Democrat-run WRAL, which looked like this:

Here was what the front page of the Raleigh News and Observer looked like Sunday:


Meanwhile, their comrades on the editorial board at their sister paper the Charlotte Observer, which once infamously told women to get over being forced to see men’s genitalia in locker rooms, hilariously tried the “there is winning in losing” approach by declaring that Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper only narrowly holding on to his veto power was still “sort of a win”:

With the balance of power in the legislature now tilted further right, Democrats’ power has weakened significantly, and any hope of lawmakers passing legislation that moves our state forward, not backward, has likewise dimmed. The fate of Medicaid expansion remains unclear, as does the potential for improved pay and benefits for teachers. Republicans need just one vote in the House in order to successfully override Cooper’s veto, which they could get by negotiating with more moderate Democrats or simply waiting for someone to be absent from the floor.

Still, in a tricky midterm environment, this is sort of a win for Democrats, at least in that it’s not nearly as bad as it could’ve been.

To their credit, however, the end of their editorial noted that “for all the talk in recent years about North Carolina being a purple state, Tuesday’s results were deeply red.”


And to add insult to NC Democrats’ electoral injury, despite ongoing behind-the-scenes Democrat shenanigans involving super-lawyers like Marc Elias, Republican Rep. Ted Budd was elected to the U.S. Senate, and Republicans also reached a supermajority in the State Senate. They were just one seat shy of doing the same thing in the House, according to unofficial results.

This makes two consecutive election cycles now where North Carolina Republicans have bucked national Election Day trends, further proving the point made by our own Joe Cunningham in that getting involved with your local GOP and affiliated organizations is critically important in the effort to reject wokeism and advance conservative ideals.

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