How It’s Done: Jennifer-Ruth Green Just Skewers Frank Mrvan in Follow-up Response to Politico Story

We reported Sunday on the gutter politics that are currently on full display in Indiana’s 1st Congressional District, where Republican nominee Jennifer-Ruth Green is running in hopes of defeating freshman Democrat Rep. Frank Mrvan in a solidly blue district that hasn’t seen Republican representation in the U.S. House since 1931.


One would think that with that type of political history behind the district, it would be completely out of reach for Green and that Mrvan and his allies both in and outside of the mainstream press would barely give Green the time of day. But according to CBS News, numerous “national election watchdog organizations consider the 1st Congressional District race in Northwest Indiana a toss-up.”

As a result, The Usual Suspects on the left and in the MSM have responded accordingly by not only scrutinizing Green’s Air Force military service record but also by outing the fact that Green alleged she was sexually assaulted by an Iraqi serviceman, as indicated in records that were obtained without Green’s permission by someone who the Politico news outlet claims was not connected the Mrvan campaign.

Understandably, Green isn’t buying it and said so to Fox News host Sean Hannity Tuesday night in another forceful response not only to the story but also to Mrvan’s denials and Politico’s unfortunate doubling down on the supposed right-ness of publishing the personal, sensitive information in the first place despite Green reportedly pleading with them not to in advance of the story going live.

During the exchange, Green again alleged that contra to Politico’s claims, the information actually did come from Mrvan’s campaign. When Hannity asked for evidence, Green correctly noted how “obvious” this all was considering we’re less than 30 days away from Election Day and at a time when Democrats and their media allies are doing everything they can to rescue vulnerable Democrats in what’s expected to be a “red wave” midterm election:


On her Twitter page, Green also pointed out how another news outlet, the Times of Northwest Indiana, is doing Mrvan’s bidding:

I admire the hell out of Green for remaining cool under pressure but at the same time not backing down in the face of what Democrats and their shameful apologists in the media are flinging in her direction in the closing weeks of her campaign to oust Mrvan.

As I said earlier, it’s unlikely any of this would be happening if Mrvan felt like he could coast to victory. But clearly, he views Green as a serious threat and one that has to be destroyed by any means necessary, including by way of shopping the story around to the media and exploiting painful moments from her past including the sexual assault for political gain.


Unfortunately for Mrvan, it has backfired spectacularly, but it remains to be seen if this attack – and Green’s powerful responses to it – will ultimately help her come election time. Stay tuned.

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