You Might Be the 'Extremist Party' If...

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Co-host of “The View” Sunny Hostin told audiences this week that the Republican Party is an extremist party and Democrats are moving to the center.


Does one need any other signal of the complete and total disconnect between the bubble-dwelling, coastal elite, media class and the rest of America? What world is Hostin living in?

Hint: not the real one.

The Democrat Party recently tried to advance a bill to codify abortion all the way up until the moment of birth.

The. Moment. Of. Birth.

When you stand on the side of an ideology that believes it is morally acceptable to brutally dismember a full-grown human baby (because that’s how you have to do it that late in a pregnancy – dismemberment) mere moments before she would be delivered safely through the birth canal, I’d say you’re pretty damn extreme. It’s such an extreme position that most Americans find it abhorrent.

Polling shows us that support for abortion drops dramatically after the 15-week mark.

That’s because the logical mind can understand the science of birth. We have the technology to peek into the womb nearly to the moment of conception (it would be a bit awkward if we could see that part). We as humans innately recognize our own. That is why if you show a picture of a 12-week-old fetus to a 5-year-old child, that child will say he sees a baby. He sees arms, hands, eyes…a little alien-looking, but hard to justify as anything other than a person.


The “extreme” position is to look at that unborn child, look at their identifying human characteristics, and then advocate for their head being snipped off and flushed down a drain.

And let’s not forget about the other altar Democrats insist on sacrificing our youth to…gender theory. It doesn’t get more extreme than encouraging young men and women to surgically remove healthy, functioning sexual organs in pursuit of the impossible task of actually becoming the opposite sex. It doesn’t get much more extreme than working to literally erase women from the conversation, referring to mothers as “birthing persons” and women as “people who menstruate.” Yet, that is the ground in which the Democrat Party has planted their rainbow colored flags. Democrats are working to censor the very mention of women from society, choosing to take the side of men who wish they were women instead of the real women who are saying, “Hold up. This doesn’t make sense and it’s hurting us.”

A woman is a female human being.


A woman can only be defined by a credentialed biologist. 

Which of those statements seems most extreme to you?

While Republicans called for personal accountability in health decisions during the pandemic, Democrats advocated for the power of the state to forcibly shut down the businesses of free citizens, lock children out of school, and force every American to inject a brand new vaccine into their bodies in order to access their fundamental rights of association, mobility, and life and liberty. It’s pretty extreme for a government to use armed law enforcement to demand free citizens close the doors of their own businesses and stay of beaches and out of skate parks, “because we said so.”


Every citizen should have the right to make their own risk assessments and guard their health accordingly. 


The government should be able nullify the constitution to force people into their homes, and force them to inject a foreign substance into their bodies.

Which of these statements seems most extreme to you?

The Democrat party used to be considered the party of the working class. Now it has become the party of Big Business (choosing big box stores and outfits like Amazon over America’s small businesses during the pandemic), Big Pharma, and Big Censorship. They have created a ‘disinformation board’ with the dystopian mission of investigating and censoring American conversation. They have taken on flat-earther positions on DNA, gender, and the human form. The President himself said that teachers are the ones parenting our children.

Parents angry about questionable public school curriculum and boys in girls bathrooms are domestic terrorists. 


Girls are girls and boys are boys and once people become lawful adults they make whatever surgical cosmetic changes to their bodies they see fit.

Which of these statements seems most extreme to you?

When your party has decided that ‘normal’ is advocating for infanticide and the mutilation of little children under the guise of advocacy for gay rights, everyone else is sure to look pretty frikking extreme to you.


Sunny Hostin, the extremist is you. Please find several hundred mirrors and look directly into them for an extended period of time.


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