WH Response on Student Debt Is a Festival of Fail

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A lot of Americans are up in arms over the effort by Joe Biden to “forgive” some student debt.

My colleague Sister Toldjah reported on the father who asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) if he was going to get the money back that he spent to pay off his daughter’s student loans by working double shifts. Warren made it clear that she didn’t give a darn about that father’s question or about how unfair and wrong forgiving student debt was for the people who didn’t work or save like the father did to pay off those loans.


Now, the Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, has officially confirmed that hot take is the official Biden’s Administration’s position to Fox’s Peter Doocy.

So if you worked hard and paid off your loans, you’re just out of luck with the Biden Administration. They don’t care if the move is unfair or is going to shaft you guys. Not only aren’t you going to get anything, but you’re going to have to pay for the other people out of your taxes and/or the higher inflation that’s going to hit because the government could spend $300 billion in this effort.

Doocy tried to get answers from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre as to “who is paying” for all this largesse to college-educated people.

But Jean-Pierre couldn’t seem to answer. Does she ever? This was the most ridiculous run-around where she prattles on. She claims this is about “doing something for people who make less than $125,000.” I beg to differ — this is about doing something for the college-educated people who haven’t paid off their debts yet — it leaves out vast swathes of the American people who make less than $125,000, including the working class and those who did pay their debts. Plus, using taxpayer money to pay off people’s debts isn’t the role of the government anyway. It’s an out-and-out wealth transference — from the working class to the college-educated class. It’s also vote-buying for the midterms for some of their college-educated base — and all the rest of us are being made to pay for that political move.


Now, one of the other problems with this whole move is their failure to understand/care about the effect this move would have on the system. Another reporter asked Jean-Pierre if this was “a tacit acknowledgment that yes, these policies could cause tuition rates to rise in the near future?”

Jean-Pierre essentially says they don’t know, they’re looking into it. Shouldn’t they know before they make such a move? It stands to reason if it’s forgiven that the colleges will just raise rates. That’s what started the problem, to begin with, but Democrats don’t want to acknowledge it. The more government pumped into the system, the more tuition went out of control. But instead of recognizing that, they’re going to pump even more money into the system. That can only make prices worse.

So it’s unconstitutional, will increase inflation, and Americans will have to pay for it.

But never fear, Joe Biden is being responsible, according to KJP.


Nothing they have done has been done responsibly. This is the equivalent of pouring gas on a fire for inflation and the already sky-high cost of tuition. Talk about a complete denial of reality.


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