Watch: Philly Democrat Mayor's Wild Response to July 4th Parade Shooting Raises Eyebrows

Watch: Philly Democrat Mayor's Wild Response to July 4th Parade Shooting Raises Eyebrows
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) speaks to reporters after July 4, 2022 parade shooting that left two police officers injured. (Credit: CBS Philly)

While the July 4th Highland Park, Illinois mass shooting that left at six dead and 38 injured understandably has gotten more media attention in the aftermath, another shooting that occurred on Independence Day in another city during a parade is also raising eyebrows, not just over what happened but over the mayor’s disgraceful reaction to it.

On Monday night, shots rang out during Philadelphia’s 4th festivities, leaving onlookers running for cover and two police officers injured according to local news reports:

Two police officers were shot and injured in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum while on duty at the city’s Independence Day celebrations on Monday night. The incident caused stampedes of people watching fireworks on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to flee what they believed was an active shooting.

Investigators were still seeking to determine where the shots were fired from, how many were fired, and whether the shots were intentionally fired toward police or the officers were struck by stray gunfire. Police said no one else was shot.

Though the investigation is still ongoing and no suspects have been arrested yet, the response from Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) to the incident is in some ways eclipsing the story of the actual shootings because of how shocking his statement was.

During a press conference, Kenney – after going on a rant about gun violence – essentially told a CBS Philly reporter in so many words “f*** it, I can’t wait to get out of here” because he could never stop worrying about what would happen next in the city that elected him:

“There’s not an event or a day where I don’t lay on my back and look at the ceiling and worry about stuff. So everything we have in the city over the last seven years, I worry about. I don’t enjoy Fourth of July, I don’t enjoy the Democratic National Convention. I didn’t enjoy the NFL draft. I’m waiting for something bad to happen all the time. So I’ll be happy when I’m not here, when I’m not mayor and I can enjoy some stuff.”

When he was asked to confirm that he was “looking forward to not being mayor,” Kenney responded with a smile and said “yeah.”


During that same presser, Kenney also proclaimed that “Until Americans decide that they want to give up the guns, and give up the opportunity to get guns, we’re going to have this problem.”

Not surprisingly, some left-wing blue checks and “news” outlets are responding by amplifying the gun control part of his remarks where he appears to urge people to give up their Second Amendment rights, but of course don’t have much of anything to say about the part where he said in a nutshell that he’s looking forward to bailing on the city after the dramatic rise in violence that has occurred under his watch thanks in part to “woke” policies like this:

So the two takeaways from Kenney’s Monday presser are (paraphrasing) “give up your Second Amendment rights, you rubes” and “I can’t wait to get the hell outta Dodge.”

He has 18 months left in his term as mayor. Maybe he should do the right thing and resign now so someone who actually cares about their community, won’t boast when the going gets tough about looking forward to running, and who also understands the importance of Constitutional rights can step forth and right the ship. Because this ain’t it, like at all.

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