Video of Kamala Harris Using Child-Like Tone on Vandenberg Space Force Is 50 Shades of Surreal

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Back in October, what could arguably be considered a contender for the most cringe-inducing video of 2021 featuring Vice President Kamala Harris was released, showing her in front of young children and putting on a NASA-endorsed performance as chair of the National Space Council, talking excitedly in a cutesy tone about space exploration and science in a way that made her sound more like an animated side character from a Disney movie than it did the VPOTUS.


More embarrassing was the revelation that some of the children in the clip were actually child actors who auditioned for their spots in the video.

The video backfired spectacularly, and as I noted at the time it was a failed attempt by the Biden White House to make Harris appear to be authentic, something she’s struggled with throughout her political career according to current and former staffers.

But anyone who thought the days of Harris’ speaking in a child-like tone were over after that embarrassing clip went viral got a rude awakening Tuesday when segments of her Monday visit to California’s Vandenberg Space Force Base began popping up on Twitter.

According to the Santa Maria Times, Harris spoke “on the importance of the U.S. mission in space and announced new norms for the international community in space.” Unfortunately, during her speech she was also heard talking in the same tone she used in the NASA clip, not to children – but to some 200 or so members of the U.S. military:

I think everyone here recognizes how extraordinary space is. Whether it is satellites that orbit the Earth, humans that land on the Moon, or telescopes that peer into the furthest reaches of the universe, space is exciting. It spurs our imaginations, and it forces us to ask big questions.


The transcript doesn’t do it justice. Watch the moment below, which is juxtaposed alongside the disastrous one from October, to get the full effect:

I’ve said this over and over again and I know I’m not the only one to have said so, but it just needs to be repeated for the record: Kamala Harris is just not good at what she does. Period. Whether it’s being put in charge of getting to the “root causes” of the border crisis, being sent overseas to emphasize the United States’ support for “peace” in Europe, speaking on behalf of the administration during interviews, or being given an honorary chairmanship with the National Space Council.

Interestingly enough, it appears some in the White House are finally beginning to get how Harris is more of a hindrance than a help to her party. As reported by Politico, she’s been sent off to small towns in red states in recent weeks as part of a supposed campaign by the Biden Team to make sure rural America doesn’t feel “left behind” by the administration.

But as my colleague streiff observed, these trips in actuality are likely designed “to create a space for her to play at being a national leader without any of the risk or authority that goes with such a position” because she’s become too much of a liability for them otherwise.


Sadly for the White House, those trips won’t be able to hide the long list of failures Harris has accumulated in the 15 months since she was sworn in, not to mention all the flubs, gaffes, and awkward moments in the limelight which actually rival her boss. In other words, the White House can try to bury Harris’ dismal record and speeches to date, but they can’t hide from them.

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