Ric Grenell Weighs in With Slam Dunk About the Media After 'Reporter' Tries a Words Are Violence Argument

Ric Grenell Weighs in With Slam Dunk About the Media After 'Reporter' Tries a Words Are Violence Argument
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We are roughly 48 hours into the latest “controversy” involving Tucker Carlson and comments he made on his Fox News program Tuesday night.

To quickly recap, the segment in question was on how powerful and privileged people like Meghan Markle were declaring themselves powerless, and how it made no sense. Carlson made the mistake of criticizing NYT tech reporter Taylor Lorenz for trotting out the “online harassment” victim card on International Women’s Day, especially considering her prominent position at the so-called newspaper of record at a time when many Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

Fauxfended “journalists” at the WaPo, AP, and other “news” outlets hurdled towards peak stupid in the aftermath, accusing Carlson of trying to incite harassment against Lorenz, claims that in no way matched the reality of the situation, as I noted in an extensive write-up yesterday.

The New York Times crashed and burned with their response to the nontroversy, and Carlson’s response to their statement was epic.

Here we are on day two, and the unjustified bashing of Carlson continues. Case in point, the below comment from CBS News reporter Wesley Lowery donning his superhero cape for Lorenz by alleging what Carlson did by criticizing a journalist was “unacceptable and dangerous”:

It was, as many of the arguments we’ve seen over the last couple of days from the left and in the media (but I repeat myself), essentially a “words are violence” argument. Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell weighed in with an inconvenient reality check not long after Lowery posted his tweet:

They can either “learn to code” or learn to build solar panels, as my colleague Bonchie suggested in a recent article.

Others pushed back on Lowery’s narrative, too, including yours truly:

That about covers it, though, as I noted, the left/media really don’t want to go down this path because the same arguments they’re using against Carlson can easily be used against them, too.

Though the shutuppery tactics the Usual Suspects unleash on any given day are quite predictable and tiresome, such arguments must be demolished and buried by being called out for what they are, because it’s really the only way some of them will finally understand the error of their ways.

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