#Journalism: NYT Reporter Creepily Defends Sharing Political TikToks of Kellyanne Conway's 15-Year-Old Daughter

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White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway looks to her left as she is interviewed by a television crew outside the White House, Friday, Jan. 18, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz’s Twitter profile states that she writes about “technology, memes, influencers, and online culture.” What it does not include, but which we now know, is that Lorenz’s focus extends to cultivating strange relationships with the teenage children of Republican political figures.

Over the last couple of days, Lorenz has shared the TikToks of 15-year-old Claudia Conway, the daughter of Kellyanne Conway and George Conway. Kellyanne is a senior legal adviser/counselor to President Trump, while George is the de facto leader of the #NeverTrump “resistance” movement.

The reason Lorenz apparently finds the TikToks fascinating is because Claudia is, like her dad, not a fan of Trump’s, and has said as much in some of her videos (note: the below video appears to have been changed to “private” after Lorenz shared it on Twitter):

Numerous Twitter users found Lorenz sharing Claudia’s TikTok’s a bit on the creepy side, especially considering Claudia’s age and the fact that highlighting the views of the underage children of political figures is generally considered off-limits, no matter how public their social media profiles allegedly are:


Lorenz defended herself by essentially saying the videos were already public and that she and Claudia were “mutuals” so it’s all good:

But isn’t it, you know, strange for an adult reporter with an angle to exploit to be “mutuals” with a teenager? Yes – yes it is:

Not to Lorenz, though, who claims it’s her beat to cover the social media profiles of teenagers:


So it’s ok to cover the child of a political figure long as it’s your beat? No, not really. Nor is it “news”:

Indeed. What it is “good for”, however, is to show the divisions in the Conway family over Trump are deeper than previously known, which is a win-win for the anti-Trumpists at the New York Times – even if it was done at the expense of their teenage daughter who, while having a public profile, didn’t have nearly the exposure until Lorenz amplified her message to her 154,000 Twitter followers.

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