Miami Herald's Latest Ron DeSantis 'Scandal' Is Straight Outta LOLsville

Miami Herald's Latest Ron DeSantis 'Scandal' Is Straight Outta LOLsville
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We’ve written often at this site about the Miami Herald’s unabashed, obsessive bias against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

For instance, they’ve done things like turn stories that had nothing to do with DeSantis into a story bashing DeSantis. Then there was the “scandal” about how he was no longer using the word “vaccine” when describing the coronavirus vaccine. He would call it “the jab,” which to the Florida media was code for DeSantis promoting vaccine hesitancy or something.

There has also been their repeated coddling of discredited fired former Florida DOH IT staffer Rebekah Jones, a former media darling who was going to be The One who ultimately took DeSantis down but who has now been relegated to pushing wacko conspiracy theories on sock puppet Twitter accounts.

The instances are too numerous to document in one post, but the latest one may be the most unintentionally hilarious ever, and is definitely one you can file under “You cannot make this up.”

In the Herald’s most recent DeSantis hit piece, they took aim at the fact that DeSantis (rightly) often calls out the corporate media for their “fake news” stories, which he did Monday in reminding people that it was the one year anniversary of the bogus 60 Minutes “report” on how he handled distribution of the coronavirus vaccine.

In an attempted gotcha, the Herald wrote that though DeSantis makes it a routine practice to decry “fake news,” his campaign allegedly used a “fake news site” to raise money:

The problem here is that when you get to the meat of the story, the site they’re referring to is … the Babylon Bee, a satire site:

In messages to supporters, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t shy about labeling “fake news media” the enemy.

But when it comes to raising money for his re-election bid, the Republican governor’s campaign and an associated political committee have sought help from a satire website with the tagline “Fake news you can trust.”

Is this “news”? Only in the warped minds of the “reporters” at the Herald, who apparently either don’t know or don’t care that the fake news stories like their paper publishes are not the same thing as the satire stories the Bee publishes. In fact, the Bee has frequently satirized the media’s coverage of DeSantis, and I think it’s a safe bet that the Bee will have a very creative response to the Herald’s latest DeSantis “scandal.”

In my opinion, the only thing that would make this story an actual scandal is if it was discovered that Ron DeSantis was running ads in the Miami Herald, which as noted above has become notorious for promoting trumped-up DeSantis scandals and fake news:

In response to this controversy, yours truly had some advice for the Herald:

Think they’ll take it? Nah. Because I guess in their minds the few clicks they get from these “stories” are better than no clicks at all.

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