Prepare to Be Totally Shook by the Latest Media-Driven Ron DeSantis ‘Scandal'

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You know, as repulsive as mainstream media bias is, you’ve got to hand it to the progressives who run the Miami Herald for their unabashed, openly displayed leftist political leanings, which aren’t just reserved for the editorial pages and their columnists but which are also prominently featured in the supposedly objective “reporting” we see on the front pages of the paper and its website.


Much like the New York Times, the L.A. Times, CNN, and my own hometown fish wrapper the Charlotte Observer, the Herald wears its liberal bias like a badge of honor, proudly virtue signaling to their dwindling readership as to where they stand on the issues, whether those issues are real or manufactured (the latter of which is often the case with the Herald, as we’ve documented extensively).

Apparently unhappy that all their efforts so far at taking down popular Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – including relying heavily on the fraudulent claims of discredited former (fired) Florida Dept. of Health IT staffer Rebekah Jones – have failed, the paper has latched on to the latest big DeSantis “scandal.” I assure you that when you find out what it is that you’ll be as shook as I was, perhaps even more so.

Reporter Lawrence Mower, who per his Twitter bio writes for both the Miami Herald and the similarly biased Tampa Bay Times, took to the Twitter machine on Monday to note something he clearly found disturbing about the way DeSantis was referring to getting the coronavirus vaccine shot. Here’s what Mower tweeted:


Wow. Now that one’s gonna be the one that finally takes DeSantis down, don’t you think? Especially judging by the fauxfended responses from the usual corners.

But in all seriousness, this has gotten beyond tiresome and embarrassing, as much so as when the media tried and failed to knock DeSantis down over (gasp!) prioritizing seniors when the vaccine first became available.

Then there was his push for monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID, a scientifically proven way to lessen the chances of a COVID-stricken patient having to be hospitalized. That media attack failed, too.

And now there’s this. Ron DeSantis calls getting the shot “the jab,” and we should all start clutching pearls and swaying onto the fainting couches at the nerve of this guy for referring to it the same way others in the media have in the past:


It’s a fact that trust in the media has plummeted to all-time lows over the last several years. With “reports” like Mower’s about DeSantis constantly getting flung against the wall in hopes that they’ll stick, it’s not hard to understand why.

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