San Francisco Mayor Becomes the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Cancels Police Holidays

(AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

It’s old news by now. The incredibly incompetent version of criminal justice reform brought to us by blue cities and states has been a recipe for an historic increase in crime and violence. Smash and grab robberies, in particular, are spiking, and cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco continue to post the worst examples, aided by California’s disastrous Prop 47.


San Francisco in particular has been the epicenter of this insanity. By now we are all familiar with the photos of boarded-up retail shops, even luxury brands, in an effort to protect against state policy. Mayor London Breed’s big solution? Restricting parking and access to retail areas.

Per usual, the “solutions” involve oppressing victims, not criminals.

In another brilliant move to solve the problem of their own policies, San Francisco’s Democrat mayor is enacting a “Grinch strategy” — limiting police holidays.

In a weekend interview with MSNBC, Breed says the city needs more police presence and has no choice but to cancel police vacations and holidays to cover the gaps in presence. Notably, she did not mention what could be causing those gaps.

Hint: It rhymes with “Defund the Police” and “COVID fascism.”

“And our response has been, you know, a larger police presence,” Breed explained. “And since a major incident occurred at a number of stores in the downtown area, we had no other choice but to cancel all vacations and all time off for our police department.”


Breed and her breed always seem to find a way to put the onus on average, law-abiding citizens and peace officers to solve the problem of criminal activity rather than punishing the criminals themselves.

It would be hilarious if the consequences weren’t so sadly dire.


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