Ron DeSantis Foe Nikki Fried Takes Wild, Vulgar Swing at Him as Dem Desperation Sets In

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It’s got to be extremely frustrating for the mainstream media and their Democrat allies in government that no matter how many attacks they launch on Gov. Ron DeSantis, he’s able to brush them off his shoulder like an irrelevant speck of dust and then keeps on keepin’ on with his agenda for the state of Florida.


In particular, his opponents in the upcoming gubernatorial race have really demonstrated a propensity to go off the deep end in a big way when it comes to DeSantis, perhaps because they figure if they’re going to go down with the sinking Democrat ship in the Sunshine State that they might as well try to do it in style.

All of this brings me to Democrat Nikki Fried, who is Florida’s agriculture commissioner. Like many of DeSantis’s critics, Fried often goes off half-cocked and assumes facts not in evidence, likely because she understands few in the Florida press and the unhinged cable news network anchors who interview her care to fact check her since they’re on the same side. On the rare occasion that some in the media rightly take her to task for some of the wild things she claims, instead of backing off she doubles down on the crazy.

And “crazy” is just how it got on Fried’s Twitter feed last night, as she took to using crude terminology to describe the popular governor:


She then followed up with this bizarre Photoshop, for reasons known only to her:

I mean, we’re talking real quality of content here, particularly if a candidate whose main support line of woke Twitter leftists is your cup of tea. Unfortunately for Fried, being a “Qween” for hardcore Twitter leftists is unlikely to translate into success at the ballot box:

There’s no doubt that the desperation for attention here on Fried’s part is real, especially considering that the Democrat Governor’s Association made clear back in November they think Florida pretty much a lost cause to them, so much so that they are “limiting” how much help they’ll give Democrats in the state, including whoever wins the gubernatorial nomination:

The Democratic Governors Association has no plans to give significant financial help to Florida Democrats as they seek to unseat Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2022, a major setback that will make it harder for challengers to take on the popular Republican.

The DGA, which spent more than $15 million in Florida over the past two gubernatorial election cycles, is starting to deprioritize the state and is expected to have a much smaller footprint during the midterms, said two Florida Democratic consultants who have been in contact with the DGA.


Unfortunately for Fried, help is not on the way. Fortunately for us, Fried and DeSantis’s other detractors will continue pouring on the cray cray as the rage grows hotter, which will provide for more comedy gold-type hot takes like the ones involving man parts and potatoes.

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