DeSantis Challenger Embarrasses Self During Interview, With Surprise Assist From CNN

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

It’s rare when we give credit for CNN for doing a good and honest interview.

That’s because it seems like they rarely do one. But when they do, I like to take note of it. It’s especially noteworthy, given the constant, liberal media effort to try to disparage and diminish Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida.

CNN interviewed his Democratic challenger, Nikki Fried, and gave her a chance to make a case — for herself and against DeSantis.

But, she did a horrible job, and CNN’s Poppy Harlow had to call her out on the problems in her response.

While Fried tried to bash DeSantis, Harlow pointed out how the “data backs him up,” that Florida’s unemployment numbers are well below the national average, “half of what they are in New York and California.” The host added that, because DeSantis worked to get things open earlier than other places, his Wuhan coronavirus per capita death rate numbers “were nowhere near the highest.”

Then Fried really stepped in it, when she referenced nursing homes. As Harlow observed, DeSantis “locked down” the nursing homes — meaning he wouldn’t let anyone with the virus near the nursing homes, realizing that seniors were most at risk, unlike Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan.

DeSantis actually put strict rules in place early on, which likely explains why Florida didn’t have more deaths, particularly given their heavy concentration of seniors. Fried tried to recover, though, saying DeSantis wasn’t giving information — which was false, too.

Her final question didn’t go very well either.

Seven or eight minutes, where she didn’t say what she was about, or any reason why people should vote for her over a successful governor — particularly one who has performed so well in the face of the pandemic craziness.

Fried is Florida’s state agriculture commissioner, and it doesn’t look like that has made her ready to take on DeSantis. At this point, with all the media attacks, people have seen that DeSantis can handle it. Fried couldn’t even make her case in a CNN interview.

DeSantis’s press secretary also noticed another problem with Fried’s response.

Fried was even reduced to begging for followers on Twitter, urging people to help her to beat Gov. DeSantis to one million followers.

Great job; that backfired. She helped to push him over one million, while she picked up a mere 12,000 followers, despite the plea.

She doesn’t stand a chance against DeSantis.