CNN Takes Disgusting Cheap Shot at Southwest Airlines CEO After He Tests Positive for COVID

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We reported yesterday on how on during a Wednesday Senate committee hearing, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly and American Airlines CEO Doug Parker both suggested that high-quality air filters they use were highly effective in combatting possible coronavirus outbreaks on flights.


Kelly in particular made comments that triggered The Usual Suspects on the left and in the media when he told the Senators on the committee that he believed “the case is very strong that masks don’t add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment. It is very safe and very high quality compared to any other indoor setting.”

Fast forward to today, and multiple media outlets are reporting that Kelly has tested positive for COVID-19:

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly has tested positive for Covid-19 days after he testified before the Senate Commerce Committee.

While Kelly tested negative “multiple times prior to the hearing” he ultimately “tested positive for COVID-19 after returning home, [is] experiencing mild symptoms, and taking a PCR test,” a Southwest spokesperson said Friday, adding Kelly has been fully vaccinated and received the booster earlier this year.

Obviously, there is a concern that if he had COVID Wednesday he could have passed it on to others in the room including the Senators.

Now, we don’t know how long he’s had it or how he contracted it, and may never know.

But that didn’t stop the shameless bloodhounds at CNN from making sure to point out in their headline and tweet that Kelly “testified unmasked,” with the clear insinuation being that he must be one of those evil anti-masking types (and thus maybe “deserved” it?):


CNN anchor Ana Cabrera also made sure to get it on the action:

As did CNBC, which ran with the headline “Southwest CEO tests positive for Covid days after unmasked Senate hearing with other airline chiefs.”

While CNN made sure to note in the headline that Kelly was “unmasked” while testifying (which is standard procedure for pretty much anyone who is speaking before a panel or in front of an audience, as Democrats and Republicans alike have done), what did they omit from the headline? The fact that he’s fully vaxxed and has the booster shot, which they did report in the body of the piece while also referencing what he said about wearing a mask when traveling in an airplane.

The discerning reader will note that Kelly’s comments about masks related to wearing them on airplanes that have the type of HEPA filters his do. In fact, it seemed pretty clear to me that what he was saying was that planes are pretty safe without the need to wear a mask, while other indoor settings might necessitate using them because they would be less safe, in his opinion.

In other words, not necessarily “anti-mask” but not a proponent of advocating wearing them while in flight.

Regardless, that did not stop CNN readers from jumping to the exact conclusion CNN wanted them to, with this Twitter liberal with a large following being a representative example of the type of “compassionate liberalism” we’ve come to expect from the left over the years:


Again, it’s not known where he got it or when, but of course popping off half-cocked without the facts is about par for the course for this bunch.

Relatedly, CNN mask/vaccine shamer Brianna Keilar managed to catch COVID even though we’ve been reliably informed that outside of her CNN segments where she’s maskless that she’s normally quadruple masked and is vaxxed up to the hilt (that’s only a slight exaggeration):

So strange how one of their own reporters will make sure to note that they got COVID despite being fully vaccinated but her network cannot be bothered to mention the same information about the Southwest Airlines CEO in their headline/tweet teaser, which is more often than not all the vast majority of people who get their news from Twitter read. It’s just nuts, because the fact that he got COVID even though he’s vaxxed and boostered is also a very important part of the story.


Between this and how a number of CNNers attacked Southwest after the controversy over the pilot who allegedly said “let’s go, Brandon” over his airplane’s intercom system, it’s almost like CNN has something personal against Southwest? I dunno. It’s really weird, though.

CNN not only is not a news organization it is a dumpster fire of a propaganda arm for Democrats and their dictatorial mandates. They really should have their Twitter account suspended or at the very least flagged for misinformation (on this and many other instances where they’ve done similar things). But of course, the rules don’t apply to them because they are part of the group of liberal elites who come up with the “rules” – rules that they rarely if ever apply to themselves.

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