Code Red: Arsonists Torch a Christmas Tree, Leftists Dance With Glee

A Christmas Tree was torched and leftists celebrated. It wasn’t a couple of loons. Thousands of leftists from the anonymous faceless troll, to people with hundreds of thousands of followers, danced to the fires like a tribe of psychos celebrating the emulation of an enemy burned at the stake.


Why were leftists celebrating an arsonist releasing a ton of carbon into the atmosphere and adding to global warming? Because it was a tree decorated by Fox News.

We are a polarized country.

In a poll asking if a person could be “friends” with someone of the other side 37% of Democrats couldn’t be friends with a Republican. Read Joe Cunningham’s piece on this sad commentary on our polarized country. Republicans are not exempt but for one Republican saying they could not be buddies with a Dem, there are 6 Democrats throwing a middle finger at Republicans.

When CNN hosts and guests call Fox News, purveyors of hate, and their hosts Nazis, racists, and fascists there will be people heeding the call and torching Christmas trees, and “influencers” celebrating it, like a brownshirt celebrating as a book burns.


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