Edward Durr Nears ‘Legend’ Status With Spot-on Response to Gov. Phil Murphy's 'Dangerous' Attack

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New Jersey truck driver Edward Durr appears to be triggering all the right people in the Garden State after his apparent surprise victory over his Democrat opponent and longtime State Senate President Steve Sweeney, who as of this writing is refusing to concede the race though the Associated Press has called it for Durr.


Durr, a Republican who reportedly spent only around $2,300 in an effort to defeat the second most powerful man in the state, has apparently caught the attention of the state’s Democrat Gov. Phil “Mandate Man” Murphy, who looks like he narrowly won his bid for re-election though his Republican opponent Jack Ciattarelli is not yet ready to make that concession.

On Friday, Murphy proclaimed Durr “dangerous” after allegedly controversial social media posts were dug up by New Jersey-based media outlets. In his remarks, Murphy also really laid it on thick in support of Sweeney because “scratch my back, I scratch yours” is how it’s done in Jersey politics, right? Watch:

In response, Durr went off, first in comments reported by the New Jersey Globe:

“Murphy’s policies have made New Jersey the most-moved-out-of-state in the nation, closed one-third of our small businesses and killed 10,000 nursing home residents,” Durr said. “The fact is, Phil Murphy is far more dangerous than I could ever be.”

Durr added that he intends to fight against Murphy to make New Jersey better.

“Nothing he has done has made New Jersey fairer or stronger,” he said. “Unlike Murphy, I’m going to Trenton to help make New Jersey better for everyone in our state.”


And then in a lengthy screed posted at the Gloucester County (NJ) GOP Facebook page, Durr also went off on Murphy for also calling Ciattarelli “dangerous” for simply wanting to wait for all the votes to be counted (a position Murphy’s best pal Sweeney holds as well in his own race, ironically):

“For some reason Governor Phil Murphy has decided to show all of New Jersey how big a hypocrite he is.” State Senator-Elect Ed Durr said, “To refer to anyone who doesn’t concede an election as dangerous disgusts me. In any election we should wait for every legal vote to be counted before a concession is offered or victory is declared. That’s exactly why I have not declared victory over Senate President Steve Sweeney and have not expected a call from him to concede.”

“Murphy has not called on Sweeney to concede claiming he didn‘t know the math on the race. That statement is untrue given the fact our campaign consultant was quoted as saying ‘mathematically it’s over’ last week.” Durr added, “Murphy’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

“Phil Murphy is not what America is all about, he’s the dangerous guy who killed 10,000 nursing home residents and destroyed the lives of countless hardworking New Jerseyans,” Durr said. “The only reason Murphy wants a concession is so he can get back to work to see how many more lives he can ruin with his lousy policies.

“My differences with Senator Sweeney are political, not personal, I’m going to wait until every legal vote is counted before I declare victory because that is what America is all about. I suggest Murphy stop being petty and do the same for Jack Ciattarelli.”


Now that is what I call layin’ the smack down – Jersey style.

Further endearing himself to conservatives in his state and across the country, Durr also revealed a smart media strategy going forward as he prepares to take office:

I’m not sure what the future holds for Edward Durr and his constituents, but I gotta say so far based on what I’ve seen him say and do over the last couple of weeks, it sounds like he is exactly the kind of guy New Jersey needs to shake things up a bit on the political side.

My RedState colleague Nick Arama perfectly summed up Durr’s appeal by noting that, “Unlike Joe Biden, [Durr] admits he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. He doesn’t pretend to know everything or be everything. But he does want to be a voice for the people so they know someone is actually listening. How honest and refreshing is this?”


New Jerseyans in Durr’s 3rd district are getting ready to find out. Stay tuned – and buckle up!

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