A Great Triggering Erupts After Ron DeSantis Smoothly Inserts Himself Into 'Let's Go, Brandon' Wars

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As we’ve previously reported, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) have absolutely lost their minds over the wildly popular “Let’s go, Brandon” chant, a phrase that swept the nation and went international after a NASCAR reporter laughably claimed that’s what the crowd was chanting after an early October race that saw driver Brandon Brown take the checkered flag (even though it was clear that what was actually being chanted was “F*** Joe Biden”).


Most recently, there was a report filed last Friday by the Associated Press that alleged a Southwest Airlines pilot uttered the “LGB” phrase during a flight the reporter happened to be on. Since that time, doubts have been raised as to if the pilot was actually saying something else like “Let’s go, Braves.” While Southwest Airlines said they were “investigating” the incident, the insane reactions from leftists to the original report were even more illustrative of just how nuts the issue makes them.

During a press conference earlier today on what he hoped would turn into legislative priorities in 2022, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis smoothly inserted himself into the “Brandon” wars by referring to the Biden administration as the “Brandon administration.” As you can see from the clip below, the crowd loved it and began chanting “LGB.” But clearly the cast and crew at “Recount” didn’t appreciate it, nor did any of the leftists who responded to the tweet:

In his remarks, DeSantis said “it is what it is” about the chant before correctly pointing out that former President Donald Trump was actually treated much worse. He also suggested that the NASCAR reporter was trying to “cover for Biden” by claiming something about what was being chanted that obviously wasn’t true:


“I don’t even know, do you know how that started?” DeSantis asked. “You have the media, they’re hand-wringing over this. It was at a NASCAR race, and they’re doing an interview with the driver, I guess his name was Brandon, and the crowd starts chanting ‘very colorful language’ about Joe Biden.”

DeSantis said what the crowd at the NASCAR event was saying was “fairly obvious,” and that crowds had said “way worse about Trump” during his presidency.

“So they’re chanting this, and you have a reporter from NBC who knows that’s what they’re saying and she’s trying to cover for Biden and she says ‘yeah they’re chanting let’s go Brandon,’ and that was a lie,” DeSantis said. “So this chant has taken on a life of its own because it exposes the dishonesty of these corporate reporters and what they do every day. They try to lie. So now you see it.”

I am envisioning a 2024 debate moment between Biden and DeSantis (humor me here for a moment) where DeSantis “accidentally” calls Biden “Brandon.” At the very least, it would cause Twitter to explode, not to mention the heads of the “reporters” and “analysts” who are still clutching pearls over the use of what they call a “vulgar phrase.”

As I’ve said before, as a person who prefers to not use curse words and crude terminology outside of extremely rare occasions where I feel it warrants it, I can confirm that I dig the fact that the non-vulgar version of “F*** Joe Biden” has caught on. It gives me a way to say something vulgar as a form of political protest without actually saying anything vulgar at all.


Besides, what’s really vulgar about what’s going on right now is not that chant, but all the harm being done to this country thanks to Brandon – I mean Joe Biden himself. Virginia voters responded accordingly last night, and the rest of America should follow suit in the 2022 midterms, which are already shaping up to be disastrous for Democrats.

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