Karma Comes for ‘Woke’ Transgender Activist at Center of Dave Chappelle Cancel Effort

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Popular comedian Dave Chappelle has made it clear that he does not give a royal rip what “woke” mobs have to say about him and his recent “controversial” special on Netflix where he said some uncomfortable truths in rather raw terms about the debate over transgender rights and the left’s obsession with shoving gender identity politics down our throats, including in public school classrooms.


But while Chappelle refuses to bend the knee to wokesters, one of the activists at the center of the effort to cancel him is learning the hard way that karma is a b*tch this week. Old tweets from “progressive” transgender activist “Ashlee Marie Preston” in which he (she?) engaged in some pretty hardcore hate against the Asian American community (among others) have surfaced, leading to questions over whether or not the activist is committed to practicing what he/she preaches and demands of others, while providing reminders to outrage mobs to be careful what you wish for.

The Post Millennial documented numerous, and I do mean numerous instances of Preston using hate-filled language to describe Asian-Americans 10 years ago and at least a few instances of similar derogatory references to members of the Latino community. Homophobia and misogyny were on full display as well. A full array of tweets are displayed there, but I snagged a screengrab of a few of them below for example purposes (language warning):


Preston was also called out on Instagram by one user who used a recent video of the activist helping whip up support for fauxtraged Netflix employees and who proclaimed to speak on behalf of minority communities to juxtapose them alongside her racist tweets. Watch (language warning):

In 2019, Preston was also called out for the tweets after being touted as a surrogate for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign which, like the effort to cancel Chappelle, went nowhere. She apologized at the time and blamed the tweets on drug use.

In response to the reports of the tweets resurfacing, Preston had this to say. My commentary will follow:

For the first 30 seconds or so of the clip before Preston yada yadas about having supposedly legendary social justice creds, some decent points are made about taking accountability, apologizing, lessons learned, growing up, and all that. I mean these are 10-year old tweets, and a lot of time has passed since then, time that can give a person a change of heart and a different perspective – something with which many of us can identify.


The problem, though, is that the mob Preston is helping stir up against Chappelle believes in none of that in reality. Nor, does Preston, I suspect – the reason being that old habits from the radical left really do die hard. Ever heard the old saying about how you can take the radical out of a leftist but not the leftist out of a radical? Okay, maybe not, because I just made it up but I think you get the picture here.

If Preston really wanted to spark a change here, then he/she would step back from the campaign to cancel Chappelle and encourage the sycophants going along with it to take a different approach as well, like calling for some reasoned dialogue instead. But Preston won’t because it’s much more profitable in a social media sense (generating a lot more attention, Twitter RTs, and “love” taps on Facebook and Instagram, etc.) to choose the path Preston has taken than it is to try and do something constructive.

That said, it probably wouldn’t matter if Preston did so anyway because as noted earlier Chappelle really has no f**** left to give to his critics, nor should he. Plus, we now know who the real hateful person is in this discussion – and it’s not Chappelle, but Preston. Chances are, if they came face to face, Chappelle would have been made aware of it, too and would respond accordingly (and hopefully with cameras rolling).


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