Hillary Clinton Committed an Assault on Democracy Last Night With Stacey Abrams and We Need Answers

Failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a new book she’s promoting called “State of Terror,” and last night she appeared on a Zoom event alongside novelist Louise Penny, who she teamed up with for the book, and another failed Democratic nominee – Stacey Abrams, who lost her bid to be Georgia’s governor in 2018 in a race she has still to this day refused to concede.


Abrams was the moderator of the Zoom call, as it turns out, and at one point apparently feeling like she was connecting with a kindred spirit, Clinton proclaimed as Abrams often has that she felt Abrams “actually won” that 2018 race against Republican Brian Kemp who, last I checked, actually is the Governor of Georgia. NBC News voting rights reporter Jane Timm noted that in the aftermath of her comments, Clinton pivoted “quickly back to the book”:

This is, of course, not Clinton’s first time going to bat for Abrams by pretending she’s the true governor of the state. Clinton helped Abrams amplify her false claims of a “stolen” election not long after Abrams bowed out of the race without officially conceding:


Clinton has repeated the lie often, as she has repeated her own lie about how former President Donald Trump “colluded” with the Russians to “steal” an election she says she actually won:

With knowing what all Clinton has done over the last 5 years (including during her campaign against Trump) in terms of an actual undermining of democracy, it was fascinating to not only see her last summer advising Joe Biden to not concede the 2020 race under any circumstances and then see her appear on “The View” a week ago alleging that “we’re still in the midst of a concerted, well-funded effort to undermine American democracy.”

I’m gonna sound like a broken record here but I’m going to say it anyway. Stacey Abrams lost fair and square in 2018. Hillary Clinton lost fair and square in 2016. In fact, the real person who tried to undermine the 2016 election as the campaigning was going on and even after Election Day was Clinton herself. Trump won the election in spite of the Clinton presidential campaign’s coordinated attempts with the out-going Obama-Biden administration to undermine not only his campaign but then his presidency once he was in the Oval Office.


We all remember the four years of incessant blatherings from Clinton and others about a “stolen” election, with Democrats in the House and Senate routinely abusing their power by trying to “legitimately” overturn the 2016 election by trying to impeach and remove President Trump multiple times using trumped-up charges to do so. The media lovingly went along with these campaigns by way of amplifying the charges and trying to add to them with one fake news report after another.

Over the weekend, Stacey Abrams said during an event for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe that she was not “entitled” to win the 2018 race, a wildly bizarre claim that McAuliffe – who routinely falsely accuses Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin of being a 2020 election “truther” – went along with unquestioningly.

To repeat, the receipts don’t lie. If Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats including Abrams and McAuliffe want to claim their side “won” elections they actually lost and then turn around and warn about the dangers of a political leader “undermining democracy” by questioning election results, they might want to keep some mirrors handy, because it’s not supposed to work that way, and if they didn’t want election results questioned at such a high level then maybe they shouldn’t have done – and be continuing to do – everything they can to undermine legitimate ones themselves for now-five years straight.


PS: Where’s the mainstream media on this? As of this writing, I have not seen a single report outside of Timm’s tweet about what Clinton said last night. I mean we have an actual instance of here of a high-profile public figure on the left perpetuating the Democratic “Big Lie” – and, dammit, we deserve answers.

I mean this is how it’s supposed to work, right?

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