Update: Reporter Lowers the Boom on Jen Rubin After Politico Dunking, She Doesn’t Take It Well

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We reported earlier on how self-proclaimed “pro-democracy opinion writer” Jennifer Rubin of NeverTrump/Washington Post infamy was utterly humiliated Thursday by Politico after they published the nastygram she sent them after they requested comment from her regarding a piece they were writing on how frequently the Biden White House pimps her columns.


For those who missed the insane and hysterical response she gave them, read below:

How utterly predictable that Politico would run the zillionth hit piece on a prominent woman, especially one candid in her critiques of Politico’s hysterical, clickbait style of coverage. The notion that I am polarizing in a newsroom (as opposed to any of the dozens of other opinion writers) is a “take” only Politico could come up with — by of course running around to ask the question in the first place. I trust the Post’s superb news side folks spend zero time thinking about me (as is entirely appropriate). My only surprise is that Sam [Stein, POLITICO’s White House editor], a very good journalist, would become enmeshed in such an obviously misogynistic publication. Surely there are finer publications that would have him.

And btw, what a low class move to do this on Yom Kippur at the last moment.

In their piece, Politico noted that Rubin’s unhinged message contained the subject line “OFF THE RECORD.” The website said they never agreed to anything of the sort, and that because of that they were opting to publish her snide reply.

Not surprisingly, the “they said/she said” over whether or not there was any supposed “agreement” to keep her response private prompted some on the left to rush to Rubin’s defense, including – shocker of all shockers – Biden senior adviser Neera Tanden, who had this to say over the nontroversy:


While no names were mentioned, about an hour or so later New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman took to the Twitter machine and proceeded to give a Journalism 101 lesson to Rubin, Tanden, and anyone else who was buying Rubin’s “victim” game:

Apparently Haberman’s righteous scolding of the nitwits trying to turn this into an “issue” ruffled Ms. Rubin’s feathers a wee bit, so she (rather foolishly) decided to respond:


It was then that Haberman lowered the boom on Rubin big time, calling her out for either not knowing how to do her job or for feigning victimhood:

The hurt feelings continued:

LOL. Oh, she read it, and we read it just fine, Little Miss Whiny Pants.

As it turned out, Haberman got the last word:

I’m not a big fan of Maggie Haberman, but on this topic she’s right on the money. Rubin, a former fangirl of disgraced former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, acting as though a grievous act of journalistic malfeasance was committed against her just doesn’t pass the smell test.


I should point out that this is not the first time the two of them have gotten into a war of words on Twitter. The last one involved Tanden, too, interestingly enough. Haberman cleaned her clock in that one as well.

For those at home keeping score, that’s Haberman 2 – Rubin 0. We eagerly look forward to reading – and reporting on – the next round.

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