Another Aging Female Celebrity Thoroughly Embarrasses Herself Over Texas Fetal Heartbeat Law

Last week, we reported on how actress/singer Bette Midler had proposed a “sex strike” after the Supreme Court’s 5-4 procedural ruling on the Texas Fetal Heartbeat law, which effectively kept the law in place while other lawsuits against it wound their way through the court system.


“I suggest that all women refuse to have sex with men until they are guaranteed the right to choose by Congress,” an incensed Midler tweeted on Thursday, eliciting howls of laughter from those of us in the cheap seats who understood how Midler’s proposal, which presumably only liberal women would take to heart, actually benefited the state of Texas, pro-life conservatives in general, and future generations of Americans for reasons I enthusiastically explained in detail here.

Fast forward a few days and here we have yet another aging female Hollywood celebrity melting down about the Texas law. In the tweet below, actress Ellen Barkin notes quite bitterly about how she yearns for the eventual extinction of white males (I should note that this tweet was sandwiched in between a sprinkling of other tweets against the Fetal Heartbeat law):

This is what I call putting the “*ss” in “classy” (and for the confused liberals who might reading this, that wasn’t meant to be a compliment). Imagine what a sad life you must live to engage in the very things you decry in others – in this case, engaging in crass sexism against white males to score cheap political points and to garner RTs and likes.


It’s tiresome and, as a woman, it’s embarrassing as hell, because unfortunately there are people who would lump all women in with Barkin and assume we all felt like perpetual victims of a cruel, supposedly male-dominated society simply because there are laws that have been put in place to protect the rights of innocent unborn children.

Here’s a newsflash, though, for Barkin and others (like Midler, fellow actress Alyssa Milano, and singer Cher) who believe similarly: There are millions of pro-life women in America who agree with laws like the ones on the books in red states like Texas and Georgia, women who – if they were in these state legislatures – would be at the forefront of pushing for such laws.

Further, next time you think about tweeting such inane blather about the end of white males, think about how you’d feel if someone tweeted the same thing about women. If the thought bothers you, then maybe don’t tweet what you were thinking about tweeting, because in tweeting about it you remove all traces of doubt as to your duplicity and hypocrisy, not to mention your stupidity and fragile, delicate egos.

For what it’s worth, Barkin got ratioed big time over her original tweet, and as a result posted this update:


Congratulations, Ms. Barkin. You got the attention every aging* female celebrity craves. But not the kind you were probably hoping for.

*Yes, I went there re: “aging.” Heck, we’re ALL aging, but the only place where that appears to be a dirty word is in Hollywood, so it was only fitting to use it here.

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