The Triggering Intensifies After Supreme Court Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Law

Erin Schaff/The New York Times via AP, Pool

As RedState reported yesterday afternoon, a Texas law that bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected (typically after 6-8 weeks) has officially gone into effect. That left pro-abortion advocates reeling and lashing out over their sacred sacrament being curtailed.


But there was one last hope to try to stop the law — the Supreme Court.

Fortunately, that hope has been dashed, at least for the time being. The nation’s highest court ruled last night that they would not block the Texas abortion law, allowing it to proceed as other litigation efforts take place.

John Roberts, ever the judicial coward, voted with the liberals to block the law, though, he then signaled he would not block enforcement by another party. His fence-straddling has become the thing of legends at this point.

The ACLU responded after their emergency request failed.

I’ll get to some more reaction in a moment, but I want to deal with this notion that the impact will be “immediate and devastating.” In what way is it devastating for a baby to get a chance at life instead of being killed in the womb? And given the argument for abortion is often economic regarding future life choices, how is it immediate?


A woman who wants an abortion and can’t get one because of this law can eventually put her child up for adoption. On the other hand, an abortion can not be undone once performed. That life can not be untaken. Thus, even on non-moral grounds, it makes no sense to block the law as litigation continues.

But to the ACLU and so many others, life in the womb is meaningless and holds no value. Just like those who supported slavery, they’ve made the arbitrary decision to deny personhood to a segment of humanity they find inconvenient and detestable.

And to be sure, many pro-abortion advocates find the unborn literally detestable.

Children with disabilities are some of the most joy-producing humans on the planet, both for themselves and others. Why would anyone be concerned that a lack of abortion might result in more of them? But for too many, they become numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s a symptom of just how sick as a nation we’ve become.

Others compared pro-lifers to the Taliban because everything is stupid. But honestly, if the Taliban are more moral than the American left on abortion, maybe that should be a sign something is wrong? The Taliban are also against cannibalism. That doesn’t make cannibalism a right and just choice.


Meanwhile, you have know-nothing morons like this.

What about the basic human right to not be scrambled and sucked up with a vacuum? The moral depravity on display over this Texas law is just astonishing, and it continues to be a minor miracle that we can exist as a country at all while one side continues to stump for the genocide of children. God forgive us for ever becoming desensitized to it and allowing abortion to become so pervasive in the first place.


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