Aussie Health Official Puts Even Dr. Fauci to Shame With Outrageous Demand for New South Wales Residents

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For all the contradictory (not to mention confusing) messages given by President Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci over the last year and a half about masks, the coronavirus vaccine, about whether or not kids should be masked up when they go back to school – and even if kids should be in school at all, one good thing about him that can be said is that at least he hasn’t told people to stop talking to each other (yet).


Unfortunately for the folks in New South Wales, Australia, that’s exactly what they’re being told to do by the state’s Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant. In remarks she gave last month that went viral on the Twitter machine this week, here’s what Chant told residents they needed to do in order to quell the latest Wuhan virus outbreak:

“We all need to work together. We need to limit our movements. We need to consider whenever we leave our house, that anyone with us, and anyone we come into contact with could convey the virus.

So, whilst it is in human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately, this is not the time to do that.

So even if you run into your next-door neighbor in the shopping center … don’t start up a conversation. Now is the time for minimizing your interactions with others. Even if you’ve got a mask, do not think that affords total protection. We want to be absolutely sure that as we go about our daily lives we do not come into contact with anyone else who would pose a risk.”



To call that “outrageous” is putting it mildly. They’re playing the “Zero COVID” game here, and it’s not going to work, not anywhere, and certainly not in a state that has a population of over 8 million people. As proof, there are cases in New South Wales but they are relatively relatively low, and though I’m not a scientist, in my opinion I don’t think that can necessarily be attributed to the current draconian lockdown that has been in place for six weeks or so:

People are going to get out of the house and they’re going to talk to their family members, friends, and neighbors whether the government wants them to or not. They’re also going to invite people into their homes. That’s just the simple fact of the matter. If they didn’t, Australia would be looking at suicide rates that are higher than their COVID death numbers.

In addition to that, you have others who are going to actively rebel against this type of tyrannical rule, as we’ve already seen in Sydney.


No matter what one’s views are on the subject of such rebellions, the law of averages (and history) says they will happen the more people feel like their basic freedoms are being squelched by government overreach.

Look for more protests in the streets and confrontations between protesters and police in Australia the longer this goes on. There’s only so much that governments can expect people to take before they rise up and say “enough.”

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