Ted Cruz Raises Important Questions Over Biden White House's Hideous Cuba Protest Messaging

AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner

Without question, the Biden White House’s messaging on Cuba has been an absolute disaster, from White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s response to acting Acting Assistant State Dept. secretary Julie Chung’s response, both of which completely ignored the central “freedom” theme of the demonstrations. President Biden’s statement was better, but came some 48 hours or so after the protests started.

For Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), whose father Rafael endured beatings from the Batista regime and ultimately fled Cuba in 1957, the issue of Cubans demanding an end to the dictatorship of Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel as well as the brutally oppressive Communist rule that has existed in the country for decades is an issue that hits close to home.

Cruz took particular issue with Chung’s tweet where she talked about how the Cuban people were “exercising their right to peaceful assembly,” and in turn, he raised some important questions about why the White House is doing so much gaslighting as to the primary reason for the protests, and are also pretending those marching in the streets (and later being detained, questioned, and beaten) have “the right” to do so under Communist rule. Chung’s tweet is below. Cruz’s reactions follow:

Cruz posted these two tweets Monday morning, asking “what is it with the Biden administration?”, rightfully shaming their milquetoast posturing and making it clear that only unequivocal support from the United States for the protesters and condemnations of the Cuban government’s brutal crackdowns on those taking to the streets will do:

Later, he dinged the administration over a fresh report from the Wall Street Journal about the Cuban government’s crackdown on the protesters, rhetorically asking “how is this possible [considering what the Biden administration has previously stated about Cuba’s leadership]?”

As usual, Cruz is right on the money here and the timing of that Wall Street Journal report and others from people on the scene in Cuba witnessing what’s happening could not have been worse for the Biden White House. In reality, their messaging from the very start should have been more along the lines of former President Trump’s – calling what’s happening and the government’s response to it for what they both are, and demanding freedom for the oppressed people of Cuba.

But we – and more importantly, the Cuban people – won’t get the support and encouragement they grew accustomed to under the Trump administration. Instead, they’ll get platitudes from Team Biden tossing in a keyword or two here and there about freedom while doing absolutely nothing to back such statements up.

Oh well. At least we’re not getting mean tweets anymore. That’s got to account for something, I guess.

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