HOT TAKES: Vox 'Journalist' Gets Epic Smackdown He Deserves After Tweet Critical of DeSantis on Hannity's Show

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It may seem cruel to keep calling out “journalists” like the Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona and hack Aaron Rupar for their penchants for acting stupidly, but it must be done because not only are these guys are just begging to get dunked and mocked but also because some of the deceptive stuff they tweet ends up going viral before anyone’s had the chance to do a double-check on what they’ve “reported.”


Rupar in particular has been caught so often tweeting out dishonest video clips of Republicans and Fox News media figures where he purposely takes them out of context to make it sound like they said something stupid or troubling, that it almost seems redundant to keep writing about it. He even inspired a smear campaign against a Georgia sheriff’s officer back in March who ended up having his employment threatened.

So yes, Rupar deserves the epic roasting he got tonight after taking yet another swing and a miss at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

As you’ve probably already heard by now, there was a horrific beachfront condo building collapse earlier today in Surfside, Florida where one person has been confirmed dead and close to 100 remain unaccounted for. Rescue crews are still on-site searching for survivors. Please keep all who were impacted and continue to be impacted in your thoughts and prayers.

Among other things, DeSantis has toured the scene of the building collapse, done local media interviews, declared a state of emergency, and met with families in the aftermath of the tragedy.

But that apparently was not enough for Rupar, who posted this screengrab of DeSantis’ appearance tonight on Sean Hannity’s program:

Apparently, Rupar wasn’t aware that he had just committed a rather embarrassing self-own. Unfortunately for him, however, many others were prepared to let him know:


DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw also weighed in:

And let’s face it. As my colleague Brad Slager pointed out, DeSantis appearing on Fox News gave him a much larger audience to inform people about the state’s response to the building collapse than appearing on CNN would have:


I’d also like to remind folks that Rupar is the same guy who took issue with how DeSantis was sitting during a Fox News Republican governor town hall back in April:

As I said at the time, if what his numerous critics in the media have been reduced to is taking “issue” with Gov. DeSantis’ sitting style (and now for appearing on a popular primetime opinion program to talk about how his state is responding to a tragedy), you know he must be doing something right.

Flashback: Vox ‘Journalist’ Triggered by Ron DeSantis’ Media Coverage Gets Hilariously Hoisted With His Own Petard


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